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To obtain a position in a paralegal office school field placement where I will be able to expand my knowledge and gain experience and expertise.


Reflection on social media tools:

Facebook - Facebook gives the power to its users to share and stay connected with their friends. I use Facebook as a form of networking by sharing posts and articles with friends and family that are able to view my page, in order to stay up to date and knowledgeable of what i've been up too. 

Blogspot-  Blogspot is a publishing service that allows its users to post blogs that they have written to showcase their personal thoughts and knowledge. I use this website to answer questions arising from social media tools. I post and follow other accounts to view their views on such topics. 

LinkedIn- Helps to provide a professional, mature social media environment in which you are able to display your resume and up to date information about yourself to others. I use LinkedIn as a networking tool to follow professionals, family and friends. 

Twitter - Twitter enables users to send and read text-based posts which are composed of no more than 140 characters. I use Twitter to share what is currently happening in my life day to day and important or meaningful quotes. 

Tumblr - Allows its users to post and share text, pictures, videos and links that show the users interests and views. I use Tumblr to express my interests through photographs and by posting songs or quotes.

I feel as though all of these social media tools help to show that the business world is changing, everyday majority of business employees and owners log into a social media website. This is very important to business' to be involved in social media because it helps to boost the companies reputation and show the social world what the company offers. Once searched a few times in a search engine, it will continue to receive "hits" or "ratings" and if searched enough times will end up at the top, luring future customers and employees to their sites. A business is able to use any of the social media tools I have listed above to help increase their business. I feel that the newest social media tool being used is Twitter. Most companies are now advertising their use of Twitter and what it offers. 

All of these social media tools help to advance the knowledge in its users and allows them to learn how to voice their opinions, if they are quiet and shy about their opinions in person, allowing them to have these social media sites, helps to give them courage in voicing their views. 


Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Crew Member


As a crew member at McDonalds, your main job is to provide customers with quick and accurate service as well as to show thoughtfulness to the customers. As a crew member you are working as a team to get the job done. You earn excessive amounts of team work, customer service, kindness and more. These are great attributes to have, especially growing as a person, it teaches you lessons in life and will help to further your work habits as you get into your future professions. 


Sep 2011Present

Durham College

Once licensed, a Paralegal has the opportunity to open their own firm, or work with other Paralegals or Lawyers. Licensed and accredited by The Law Society of Upper Canada.

Typical jobs that Paralegals are known for include:

  • Summarizing legal documents
  • Performing legal research
  • Checking all legal forms for accuracy
  • Preparing forms
  • Drafting legal documents

The skills that are required to become a Paralegal include:

  • Ability to perform legal research
  • Ability to interview
  • Good writing 
  • Good communication skills
  • Prioritizing and working on a set schedule
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of the law