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Work experience

Aug 2022Oct 2022


Pueblo Rangers 

I was the ref of soccer games on Saturday's of one fall season.  I reffed about 5 games a Saturday. 

May 2022Jul 2022

Drink Manager and Maker


I ensured that we had all of the ingredients to create the delicious drinks.  I helped make these drinks as well.  

Aug 2021Apr 2022

Stocked and Ordered Books

Barnes and Noble

I was in charge of stocking all of the books and ensuring I was receiving all of the new books by ordering them to our location.


Aug 2021Jun 2026

Bachelor's Degree

CU Boulder

I earned my Bachelor's Degree so that I had enough years of college to become a Civil Engineer.  Additionally, I played Division 1 soccer at CU Boulder all of the years I attended college. 

Aug 2017Jun 2021

High School

South High School 

I played Varsity soccer and basketball in high school, and I took honors reading and writing.  I received straight A's all through high school. 

Aug 2014Jun 2017

Middle School

Corwin International Magnet School

For all of middle school, I attended Corwin International Magnet school and enjoyed it.  This school is an IB school, which stands for International Baccalaureate.  

Aug 2008Jun 2014

Elementary School

Highland Park, Fountain International Magnet School, and Corwin International School

For elementary school, I attended 3 different schools.  I attended Highland Park for K-2nd grade.  Then, I was a student at Fountain for 3rd grade.  For 4th grade and 5th grade, I attended Corwin. ( I attended Corwin for all of middle school as well.)

Aug 2007Jun 2008


Happy Land

In pre-school, I attended a school named Happy Land, which was at a church.  This was a really fun pre-school because we had puppet shows and class pets.


My Skills

My skills include reading comprehension, active listening, writing, speaking, mathematics, science, critical thinking, monitoring, active learning, and learning strategies.  These are all at a high level.  

My Family

My Family                                                                          

     I live in a 3 story house with my 2 kids and husband.  My girls names are Brooklyn and Bailey, and my husband's name is Shawn.  My daughters are identical twins so they are both in 4th grade at the moment.  Additionally, my husband is a Civil Engineer.

Hobbies and Interests

My Hobbies and Interests

     My hobbies include constructing crafts, playing soccer and basketball, riding my bike, hiking, and anything that has to deal with the outdoors.  I love staying active and play sports with my kids in our backyard.  I am interested orthodontist's because I am not afraid to deal with people's teeth.  Additionally, I find it interesting how they attach braces on.  Not only am I interesting in orthodontist's, but I am interested in engineering as well.  Drawing plans looks like so much fun and I love math.  These both seem like fun jobs and I would love to know more about them.