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Jill Bralick


Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2013 - Present

Clothing Merchandiser


As a part-time job after graduating from SMC, I worked in the softlines department. Although it has little to nothing to do with Graphic Design, the tasks worked here, much like any other job, required constant up-keep. I mostly made sure that clothing and hosiery items were kept straightened and in order, kept shelves stocked and neat, helped customers locate certain products and sometimes take courtesy calls. Being neat myself, I saw this as a perfect temporary job. 

Aug 2013 - Present

Librarian Assistant

Cass District Library - Edwardsburg Branch

A small community library. Tasks performed here mostly consisted of:

  • Keeping shelves straightened and in order
  • Checking books in and out.
  • Shelving books.
  • Helping patrons find a book or order books from other catalogs for them.
  • Making courtesy calls to patrons who have overdue items.
  • Helping register new users + cards.

I enjoy my job here. On busy days it was nothing out of the ordinary to have to focus on several tasks at once. Multi-tasking is a strong point for me. Dead-lines weren't crucial but I always made it a personal goal to have all books shelved and everything clean before I left. On occasion, I also designed small flyers and bulletin boards for the community rooms. 

May 2014 - Aug 2014


Freelance Job

I was hired by a third party to illustrate for a children's book on Autism. Full digital coloring, a cover + 24 pages. Paid through EYEdart. This was my first paid freelance job.

May 2012 - Aug 2013

Desk Attendant

Southwestern Michigan College

As a Desk Attendant at Southwestern Michigan College on-campus housing

my duties included but were not limited to:

  • Forwarding/directing calls.
  • Assisting residents.
  • Helping with tours.
  • Custodial (cleaning/maintaining work place and dorm environment.)
  • Security detail; watching cameras, being aware of guests and students.
  • Directing campus visitors.
  • Communication between dorm and campus staff.
  • Enforcing rules/regulations in housing.
May 2012 - Aug 2013

Mail Delivery

Southwestern Michigan College

While working as  Desk Attendant I was also hired to do Mail Delivery/Sorting which involved:

  • Delivering mail to proper/assigned slots.
  • Taking inventory.
  • Forwarding mail.
  • Communicating with residents to ensure delivery.
  • Package detailing, creating slips.
  • Proper disposal of junk mail/shredding.
  • Responsibility to other students; no fraudulent behavior on my part.
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013


The Elkhart Truth

For my Graphic Design degree I had to complete 96 hours of Internship in a Design-related field; I worked at The Elkhart Truth newspaper for the full length. During my application here I was able to:

  • Shadow experienced professionals.
  • Learn how to use software like xpance.
  • Improved my capabilities in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Became aware of safe legal use of stock photos for ad designs.
  • Created ads ranging from autos to auctions, real estate to small businesses.
  • Improved communication skills between sales representatives and other designers.
  • Learned time management/efficiency.
  • Met deadlines with punctuality.
  • Learned to balance quality, time and quantity without sacrificing too much of either.


Aug 2011 - Aug 2013


Southwestern Michigan College
Jun 2007 - Jun 2011


Edwardsburg High School

I don't know if others find it important, but I have graduated from High School on-time with all required credits met.

Children's Book Samples





I'm well-versed in pencil, ink, and markers. Most of my art is abstract or developmental to my imagination. On several occasions I have been commissioned by schools, churches or benefits to design ads, draw up posters or caricatures. A majority of my drawings are free-time doodles and sometimes I color them digitally. I'm currently in my free time developing a comic that I hope to one day put online. 


  • Drawing
  • Designing
  • Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Animals/animal care
  • Traveling
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Interior Design
  • Socializing
  • Gaming


I want success for myself more than anything. I work hard to achieve what I want. I myself believe that you create what you deserve for yourself. Graphic Design is something I feel comfortable with, and I'm always trying to reinvent myself and find new ways to do things. I feel like I can always find a home in art and design. 



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