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I am the solutions strategist gal who utilizes technology, psychology, and administrative prowess to help people and businesses succeed.

  • Exceptional skills in managing projects, reports, research, analysis, problem solving, writing/proof-reading, attention to detail, organization, and email/schedule/document management.
  • Expert-level ability to strategize, identify risks/opportunities, investigate issues to seek out solutions, intuitively evaluate people/things, researching improvements, crafting documents, and building relationships.
  • Proficient in using a variety of office tools, including computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Google Business Apps, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat. Excellent skills in websites, social media, cloud/web-based platforms and online communication tools.
  • Capability of working independently, remotely, and in a team environment.
  • Willing and able to continue education and/or obtain any individual licensing/certifications to excel further.


Strategic Agility

Able to create breakthrough strategies and plans. Very organized and yet
adaptable/flexible in changing direction when circumstances demand.

Emotional Intelligence

Striving to anticipate and connect with others' feelings, needs, and concerns.
Genuinely caring about people and valuing relationships. Passionate about
helping others succeed and sensing the heart-beat of their vision.

Project Management

Able to simplify complex processes and effectively organize projects and
activities (including the ability to utilize software, communication platforms,
and online project management tools).

Problem Solving

Identifying complex problems, reviewing related information to develop/
evaluate options, then implementing solutions.

Customer Focus

Dedicated to the customer (both external and internal) -- with an
approachable/comforting demeanor, earning their trust and respect,
preventing/solving issues, and ensuring needs/desires are met.

Planning/Priority Setting

Setting specific goals and objectives, in order of importance. Able to plan for the length and difficulty of tasks/assignments. Skilled in breaking down projects into specific steps and staying organized.

Communication Expertise

Effective in working with all aspects of communication (verbally and in writing). Engaging in active listening.

Business Acumen

Knowledge-ability about current and future issues that could affect the organization.

Team Spirit

Engaging in teamwork, with high morale and spirit; encouraging open dialogue and collaboration.


Able to find creative approaches to communicate key messages.

Additional Skills

Writing correspondence, website content, blog articles, processes, business
plans, outlines, reports, proposals, proof-reading, and so on. Other
skills/pastimes include: digital marketing, social media quote images, info-graphics, photography, creating/maintaining websites, crafting advertising, arranging travel, planning/managing events, bookkeeping, AR/AP, MailChimp distribution, volunteering, community involvement, charity projects, counseling/consulting, and assisting start-ups.


Analytical Insightful Organized Change Agent
Determination Resourceful Problem Solver
Collaborator Influential Cost-Efficient Motivator
Proactive Teachable Adaptable Integrity
Dependable/Reliable Accountable Respectful Studious
Approachable Positive Attitude Perceptive Witty
Detailed Discreet Tactful Relationship-Builder

About Me

I am a native "Austinite". I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and over 10 years’ of various company experience. My parents owned small businesses while I was growing up, which caused me to be inspired by and accustomed to an entrepreneurial environment. Over the years, I have grown to deeply appreciate the small business/entrepreneurial atmosphere I grew up in. I want to channel my skills in more positive/enriching ways (which is why my heart decided to major in Psychology to begin with).

My desire is to go back to my roots and work with a smaller (yet growing) innovative company that makes a big impact and genuinely cares. I am passionate about helping the business thrive and its clients succeed through building meaningful relationships, meeting project goals, and exceeding expectations. I work from my home office 2-3 days a week (the other days at the main office), so I interact well with people both remotely and in person.



Certified Business Office Manager (CBOM)

Management and Strategy Institute


Texas State University


Work experience

May 2008Present

Senior Corporate Investigator

Dell (Contractor)
  • Gather facts and information needed to get to the core of a matter (through active listening and a strategic rapport-building process).
  • Manage complex projects/cases.
  • Create, review, and/or proof-read documents -- including comprehensive reports, letters, synopses, legal documents, policies and procedures, etc.
  • Craft presentations and facilitate meetings (including executive audiences).
  • Build relationships with and assist external customers. Partner with internal customers such as HR, Finance, Legal, Sales, Customer Care, PR and Executives to collaborate, problem-solve, and bring resolution.
  • Member of executive solution strategy team. Used statistical analysis to identify insights and conclusions from complex data.
  • Lead, train, mentor/coach and collaborate with the team (individually and as a group).
  • Sought out as a consultant to tackle unusual/complex issues that arise.
  • Partner in creating processes, policies and flowcharts, to streamline activities.
  • Strategically identify root causes of issues uncovered, work with appropriate organizations to address them, and also partner in operational/process improvements.
  • Conduct data mining/reporting and detailed analysis of spreadsheets to identify any patterns, trends, loopholes, risks, opportunities, etc.
  • Comprehensive employee on-boarding background checks (in partnership with HR and Legal teams).
  • Manage Accounts Receivable for Dell's Restitution General Ledger (GL).
  • Partner with I/T to create, test, launch and implement new programs/tools.
  • Conduct complex investigations involving suspected criminal activity. Refer cases to Law Enforcement.
  • Personally recovered nearly $2M in cash/merchandise.
                           NOTE: I also had this job role from October 2006 - July 2007
Jan 2004Oct 2006

Investigator III

TX State Board of Pharmacy
  • Investigated complaints alleging violations of the laws and rules of the practice of pharmacy. 
  • Interviewed people and collected evidence relating to the complaint.
  • Conducted background investigations/pre-licensure screenings on licensure applicants.
  • Ran and reviewed TLETS/NLETS criminal history checks.
  • Obtained and examined court records and police reports.
  • Communicated with police departments, courts, county clerks, district attorneys, and other agencies to resolve complaints.
  • Evaluated, summarized, and documented investigative findings.
  • Prepared, participated, and facilitated the agenda in reviews of cases with General Counsel to determine jurisdictional and evidentiary issues.
  • Provided information, interpretation and explanation of State and Federal laws/regulations to pharmacies or other individuals.
Jan 2002Jul 2003

Casualty Claim Examiner

American Family Insurance
  • Resolved and maintained Personal Injury Protection (P. I. P.) casualty claim caseload, including educating clients on medical benefits provided.
  • Collected, analyzed and evaluated factual evidence to formulate company liability.
  • Recognized potentially fraudulent activities and examined evidence to determine if medical treatment was reasonable, necessary and related to the specific claim.
  • Presented investigative findings through extensive, objective documentation.
  • Effectively communicated with claimants, medical providers, attorneys, managed care organizations, peers, and senior management.
  • Routinely questioned people to draw out implied and indirect information.
  • Analyzed medical records, terminology, and state statute in each claim.

Mental Health Associate

The Brown Schools
  • Member of a team that implemented The Brown Behavior Shaping Program while proactively providing mental health support, supervision and mentoring for residents.
  • Facilitated mental health and life skills groups.
  • Activities Director (selecting activities, purchasing, managing budget and schedule).