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Borrow with your car is a division of Prudent Financial Services which has been in the leading front as the best, most affordable and specialized loan provider since 1984. These years have equipped the company with tremendous skills and experience in the industry. The company deals in various kinds of loan provision, such as vehicle, home and personal loans. It is also well known for offering same day vehicle and personal loans for bankrupt persons in GTA and Toronto. Bankruptcy is no longer an obstacle because the company also provides competitive mortgages for bankruptcy victims. Finally, clients also get to enjoy the same day pre-owned car loans at the leading loan provider in Toronto.

Jill Stern is a woman to reckon. Being the Manager of Loans at Prudent Financial Services, she has simplified so many peoples' lives. Thanks to her great insight and vision for the company, clients in GTA now enjoy the lowest rates on loans for vehicle repair. Another significant change that is accredited to her is the lack of penalty charges to clients who pay their loans before the end of their loan term. The principle that she has set to govern the loan provision is that, users can only borrow what they can afford to pay.

Borrow With Your Car
1150 Sheppard Ave West
Toronto, ON M3K 2B5
Phone: 416.223.9300