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About Jill Pankey

Studying at University of Texas, San Antonio, Jill Pankey graduated with an MFA. The degree augmented her knowledge of painting and artistry, equipping her with new techniques that allow her drawings to spring to life from the canvas. Fans of Jill Pankey may wonder why so much of her work centers on boots. When her only brother, an Assistant Border Patrol Chief, died of a sudden heart attack, she was given his boots. She decided to paint the boots for her mother and sister. A curator took notice of her work and suggested she paint more.

Jill Pankey takes pride in sharing her knowledge of kinesiology and painting with others. From 2002 until 2013, she worked as a senior lecturer at Texas State University. Courses in art foundations, basic to advanced, and figure drawing composed her curriculum. She won numerous awards for her teaching, including the Healing Power of the Arts recognition and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activity.

Prior to teaching art at Texas State, Jill Pankey worked as a fitness instructor and graphic artist. She taught fitness to students of all levels as a non-tenured faculty member at Del Mar College and garnered recognition on a community and national level for the courses and marketing materials she designed. In 2013, Jill Pankey retired from instruction to paint full time.                            

Work experience

Full-Time/ Senior Lecturer

School of Art & Design, Texas State University

2D- Design, Basic Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting



University of Texas at San Antonio