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Work History

Oct 2014Apr 2015

Company: Miratik (Freelancer)

1. Project: (October 2014 - November 2014)

  • Description: Include the Sketch app in website. Make image by Sketchapp, save and share it.
  • Role: Design, Developer.
  • Used skills: Symfony 2.5 Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL.
  • Project Status: Delivered.

2. Project: (January 2015 - February 2015)

  • Description: Website for supplier post service task and customer booking home service.
  • Role: Design, Developer.
  • Used skills: Laravel 4.2 Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL.
  • Project Status: Delivered.

3. Project: Landlord (February 2015 - April 2015)

  • Description: 
    • The users: Can post job process, after that, based on the inputs, show list of builders are matched location, radius, post code, category... User can better invite the builders to quote your job.
    • The builders: See invited from user or get jobs that still are missing 1 or 2 quotes or just new jobs posted (only 3 builders can quote a job).
    • User dashboard: Display the profile, open jobs ,ongoing jobs, cancelled jobs, pending reviews...
    • Builder dashboard: show new jobs alerts, ongoing jobs, lost jobs, won jobs, invite user, pending review, credit left. Payment of the credit builder. 
    • Admin dashboard: manage builders, update pages, add new page, email users, ban user, give free credit, low credits, miss payment, categories...
  • Role: Design, Developer.
  • Used skills: Laravel 4.2 Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, Google map API, Twilio (for sending verification code via mobile phone), Stripe (be used as merchant for payment integration).
  • Project Status: Delivered.

Feb 2015Present

Developer in WMD

VNG Corporation
  • Decription: 
    • Support for Zing MP3 and ZingTV: admin MP3 & TV tool.
    • tool for sale and manage VIP code.
    • Player HTML5 of ZingTV.
    • mobile version of
    •, (write with 1 another developer).
  • Role: Design, Developer.
  • Used skills: Zend Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, SQL, VideoJs, Vast, 123Pay. Cache, Gearman.


Jun 2010Sep 2014

Computer Science and Engineering 

University of Technology HCM
  • GPA: 8.46
  • Graduation thesis: 9.3
    • Develop a program by javascript and jquery, support for website against ClickJacking attack
    • Make a website to represent and manage ClickJacking Detection
    • Url:


PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL 
Framework Zend, Laravel, Symfony

3 MVC PHP framework used for my job at Miratik and VNG.