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DATA is the most valuable Assets of DID TV.

How to manage the Assets is the key point for "One-Source Multi-Use".

DID TV's Assets management will take a great step forward with my professional career.

Work experience

Mar 2008Oct 2014

Archive Superviser


0 Managed all of Data(Tape, File, Photo, Book, Stuff) of TVM alone                                      (without other staff) for 7 years

0 Planned & designed a data retrieval system that suit for TVM                                   TAMS(TVM Archive Management System)                                                                                              - TAMS offers a Meta Data (In-dept information of each data) to user                                        - TAMS helps to every staff could search what they want very easily                                          - User can borrow any data to apply by e-mail through the TAMS

0 All Data was managed to fit the DAS(Digital Archive System) that should be made in the    future)

Jun 1997May 2007

Data & New Media Business Team

SBS (Broadcasting Station in Korea)

1997-  News Image Material & Photograph Data Management

1999-  Program Image Material Management

2001-  Participate in DAS(Digital Archive System) Task Force Team                                                          (SBS buildup a world class level DAS at a coast of $30,000,000)

2003-  File Format Data Management (Using NLE)

2004-  Image Material Sales & Copyright Management

2006-  Supervising of Program Image Material Part

Education & Trainning

Jun 1997May 2007

Korea Press Foundation

0 Understanding of the Online Copyright & Portrait Rights  

0 Media Contents Management Strategy

0 What's the News Contents Digitizing

0 Efficient Data Preservation Method

0 New Technology of DAS(Digital Archive System)

0 Data Classification System (Categorizing)

0 Online Jornalism

Feb 1991Feb 1996

Bachelor's Degree (MIS)

Konkuk University

0 MIS (Management Information System)

   Study the Business Administration with Computer and Information


Jun 2007Present

Cybrarian (Internet Information Manager)

Korean Association for ICT Promotion
Cybrarian : A librarian or researcher who uses the Internet as an information resource.
Jun 1997Present

A Member of The Korea Research Reporters Assciation (

The Korea Research Reporters Association
0 The Korea Research Reporters Association's member is : Librarian & Research Reporters of the major Newspaper & Broadcasting Company in Korea


Archive Supervising Professionalism
Video Editing
Computer Utilization