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Work experience


Robinson Impex India Ltd
EDP Executive, Handled EDP department of the company at India level. Managed and handling data ? Software development as per requirement Created and implemented staff training curriculum

Business Development Officer

Westcoast Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd
system with M/s.. Pacard Power Products, Business Development Officer, Created business development plan for regions in Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Swaziland. ? Created and sustained project planning and design Led teams in new software development

Database Administrator

Prakshal Infotech Pvt
Ltd., Database Administrator cum Project Leader, Create and maintained system and database design Performed Oracle DBA related tasks on various projects(internal/external): designing/implementing database objects(tables, indexes, packages, stored procedures, triggers), provided database scripts to clients that performed database manipulation of DML and DDL statements in support of a customer relationship management system; reverse/forward engineer databases, created Oracle database on NT; utilized Oracle Enterprise Manager to perform database administration tasks; performed database migration from MS Access to Oracle. Correspond with respective companies regarding new development and data management. Led team of software engineers who were responsible for development and deployment of system- level automation solutions. Coordinated resolution with the customer of all technical issues related to the automation solution. ? Involved with designing and implementation for ERP System, FDA and Policy implementation

System Analyst

VIPSha Inc.
System Analyst cum Database Administrator, Performed database administrative tasks in support of several CRM related applications. Installed Oracle(8i and 9i) on several platforms. Performed RDBMS upgrades and patches; Designed data models for customizations to our CRM base datamodel Designed new data models per client implementation, which works with the framework application. ? Performed SQL tuning and instance tuning. Performed several administrative tasks which consist of: maintained backup and recovery strategy, re- organized database objects, create/maintain DDL per client implementation; create/maintain various database objects such as tables, constraints, views, triggers, indexes, packages, sequences, and stored procedures. Provide updates or adjustments to the Project Plan as necessary to ensure the project continues to meet the Key Deliverables defined at the start of the Project.

It Manager

iSec Services
Pvt. Ltd., IT Manager, Gujarat Region, Performed system audits with NSE and NSE's direct brokers for them existing informa tion technology infrastructure. Managed an audit for ISO Certifications Prepared all project schedules and Plans for an audit. Monitored performance and status data at key stages throughout the audit. Inclined towards building a strong team/work environment, and have the ability to acclimatize to new technologies and situations with ease. Possessed excellent analytical, problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills.

Regional It Manager

Parsoli Corporation Ltd.
Regional IT Manager, Handled IT for all groups of companies at national level. Managed all IT related issues which include hardware, software and networking Coached and managed teams of hardware/software/network engineers who were responsible for development and deployment of system-level automation solutions. Coordinated resolution with the venders of all technical issues related to the automation solution.

Project Manager

Quantasolve Services
Project Manager, Managing and leading the project team. Recruiting project staff and consultants. Managing co-ordination of the partners andworking groups engaged in project work. Detailed project planning and control including: Developing and maintaining a detailed project plan. ? Managing project deliverables in line with the project plan. Recording and managing project issues and escalating where necessary. Resolving cross-functional issues at project level. Managing project scope and change control and escalating issues where necessary. Monitoring project progress and performance. ? Providing status reports to the project sponsor. Managing project training within the defined budget. Liaises with, and updates progress to, project board/senior management. Managing project evaluation and dissemination activities. Managing consultancy input within the defined budget. Final approval of the design specification. Working closely with users to ensure the project meets business needs. Definition and management of the User Acceptance Testing programs. Identifying user training needs and devising and managing user training programs. Providing regular status reports to Management.


Data Base Administration


Jun 2006Present


Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator
Jun 1995Present


C U Shah Science College
Diploma in Computer Science