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Besides hands-on experience acquired through the Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialization and Coursera courses, I also bring expertise in software engineering and math/statistics teaching.  With a highly analytical mind, curious nature and a creative streak, along excellent communication and people skills, I'm passionate about decoding information hidden in big data for the business world.

Work History


Math Tutor

Self Employed
Tutored math and statistics from elementary to college level. Helped impove students' grades by making math fun and understandable using teaching methods tailored to individual learning styles.

Math Instructor

Waubonsee Community College

Taught a variety of courses, including Statistics, Calculus I,II,III, Business Math, College Math, Algebra, Geometry, Fortran, etc. to a diverse student body, ranging from professionals to high school students.


Software Engineer

  • Developed and maintained software for a large distributed system consisting of multiple domains
  • Developed and maintained simulation tools and improved productivity in testing



Data Science Specialization, 100% with Distinction

The Johns Hopkins University

The Data Science Specialization covers the concepts and tools for an entire data science pipeline. Successful participants learn how to use the tools of the trade, think analytically about complex problems, manage large data sets, deploy statistical principles, create visualizations, build and evaluate machine learning algorithms, publish analyses, and develop data products. Courses include:

The Data Scientist's Toolbox     R Programming                          Getting and Cleaning Data

Exploratory Data Analysis          Reproducible Research              Statistical Inference

Regression Models                     Practical Machine Learning       Developing Data Products

Data Science Capstone: Developed WhatsNext, a next word prediction app. Written in R and trained on three large text files containing samples from news, blogs and twitter as training data, this app predicts the next word of a partial sentence, offering auto suggestions to make typing easier on mobile devices.


Completed Courses on Data Science, Programming, Finance and Economy Offered by Top Universities on Coursera

Data ScienceProgramming 
Machine learningCloud Computing Applications
Web Intelligence and Big DataInteractive Programming in Python
Introduction to Data ScienceR Programming
Process Mining: Data Science in ActionObject Oriented Programming in Java
Big Data in EducationPrinciples of Computing
Data AnalysisAlgorithmic Thinking
Computing for Data AnalysisComputational Finance and Computational Econometrics

MS in Computer Science, MS in Mathematics

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Data Management
  • Hadoop (Hive/HBase, HDFS, MapReduce. PIG)/ SQL/Cloud Computing(Amazon Web Services)
  • Github/ Tableau/ RapidMiner
Data Analysis
  • Cleaning data/ Creating models / Applying statistics on data
  • Applying and developing machine learning algorithms
  • Validating models/ Performing data visualization
  • R/ Python/ Java/ C++/ Matlab/ Octave
  • Software development