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  • various outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, surf fishing
  • beach vacations
  • domestic and international leisure travel
  • reading history, historical fiction, biographies and classic literature
  • cooking and entertaining, wines and fine dining
  • visiting art and history museums
  • watching professional sports such as baseball, hockey and football
  • attending Syracuse Orange football, basketball and lacrosse games


Over 20 years in various positions beginning in application engineering, and then progressing into design engineering, project management and sales management of manufacturing machinery and process systems equipment, primarily for the Pulp & Paper industry.Excellent management experience running Northeast Service Center paper machine roll maintenance and re-covering business, responsible for all aspects of the paper machinery service and maintenance business:

inside and outside sales, marketing, estimating and proposals, engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, quality, safety, environmental, finance, HR, IT.Expert in selling machinery components and complete web processing lines to the web converting industries (paper, film and foil coating, laminating, printing), textile industry, filtration media industry, structural composites industry, etc.I'm "full of hot air" and have excellent experience conceptualizing, designing and selling all types of industrial process and machine room air systems.  With the inclusion of various types of hot exhaust air heat recovery resulting in excellent ROI due to overall system efficiency, many projects  almost sell themselves, such as fume incineration-type air pollution abatement equipment with direct hot air heat recovery to provide 100% of the required heat to run the coating drying process.Also specialize in improvement of my client's machine room work environment through the installation of mist elimination systems, dust collection systems, air make-up units, and general HVAC upgrades.

  • Long-term client relationship building, by earning their trust and confidence,  by doing what I say I will do, and by providing the timely results that I promise.
  • Sales negotiations, including price negotiations, performance guarantees, annual contracts with bonus clause
  • General papermaking process know-how around forming, pressing, drying, dry end sheet support and reeling
  • Process expert regarding most paper mill building, machine room and papermaking process air systems, such as former mist control, heat recovery, pocket ventilation, VA, blow boxes, sheet support active foils, dry end dust control, etc.

Work experience

Oct 2010Mar 2017

Senior Consultant - Air Systems Sales

Thermal Systems Group, div. SEI
  • Extensive traveling thoughout the US to visit clients, to develop and expand relationships, and to increase market awareness of TSG's capabilities, products and services:  custom-engineered pulp & paper mill air systems, such as dryer section hoods with the associated exhaust & supply systems, and heat recovery systems.
  • Also many other types of systems for:  mist & dust collection, trim conveying, pulper exhaust, etc.,  and machine room false ceilings with roof supply systems. 
  • Initiate and quantify project leads, prepare applications engineering to develop concept to be proposed which best meets the clients' goals, define project scope, and calculate take-offs for estimating. 
  • Work with client to understand the technical advantages and various alternatives, and assist them in ROI calculations.
  • Manage and provide techncial support to our network of ourside sales rep companies. 
  • Travel with reps for technical sales presentaitons, and to survey job sites as required for preparation of our proposals. 
  • Negotiate contracts and terms, and close deals.
  • Provide technical training to our sales reps.
  • Transfer ordered projects to Engineering & Design for implementation to assure that all client expectations and technical concepts are fully understood, assist in field measure-ups and start-ups.
Jan 2000Mar 2010

Sales Manager - Tissue

Metso Paper USA, Inc
  • Responsible as primary customer contact for all Northeast US tissue mills, highly focused on servicing "key accounts"
  • Coordinating company resources to sell through a consultive approach various key aftermarket services, equipment rebuilds and upgrades, and major new capital equipment.
  • Additionally selling to two corporate accounts throughout the US.
  • From 2003-2006, while also responsible for sales in the Northeast, served as Metso's Corporate Sales Manager for all of Georgia-Pacific's US tissue mills, providing support to the mills and local sales force.
  • Follow-up and prioritizing sales projects; organizing and giving presentations; handling negotiations and closing contracts.
  • Always exceeded annual bookings budget, and steadily grew actual bookings from $6.0 million up to $10.0 million.
Jul 1996Jan 2000

General Manager/ Service Center Manager

Metso Paper USA, Inc.
  • Key person responsible for one of Metso's five Roll Service facilities.
  • Active participant in Metso's North American Roll Service Management Team.
  • Headed the local Service Center Management Team.
  • Represented Metso to local town government, and participated in town meetings as needed.
  • Managed all aspects of the business and operations to provide roll services to clients in the Northeast US and Eastern Canada, including: sales and marketing, all administrative support functions, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, quality, plant safety and environmental.
  • This machine shop facility employed 65 associates to produce annual sales totaling $9.0 - 11.5 million in replacement rolls, roll re-covers, and roll maintenance and re-conditioning.
  • Coordinated the divestment of the dryer cylinder foundry business in 1998.
  • Participated in North American team to implement ISO9001, and to provide Malcolm Baldridge training at all Service Centers.
Aug 1990Jun 1996

Sales Manager - Northeast

Metso Paper USA, Inc
  • Responsible for papermaking machinery and service sales to all Northeastern US pulp & paper mills, for all paper grades, e.g. printing & writing papers, specialty papers, board and tissue.
  • Qualified clients to prioritize and focus on "key accounts" based on bookings volume history, and suitability to Metso's product line: machine rebuilds, components, spare parts, field services and roll services, primarily to paper machines over 200" wide. Bookings exceed budget from $5.4 - 7.5 million.
  • Demonstrated teamwork and adaptability during multiple mergers, acquisitions, and frequent reorganizations.
  • Joined Sandy Hill Corporation in 1990. Acquired by Tampella Paper Machinery, Inc., Tampere, Finland, in 1992. Tampella was then acquired in 1993 by Valmet Paper Machinery Inc., Helsinki, Finland. Valmet then merged with Rauma Corporation, and subsequently acquired Beloit Corporation, resulting in a name change to Metso.
Feb 1992May 1993

Sales Manager - Northeast

Tampella Paper Machinery, Inc./ Tampella-Sandy Hill, Inc.
  • Reported to VP Sales at Tampella's NA HQ, selling large capital paper and board machine projects.
  • Booked largest order in the history of Sandy Hill, $6.5 million (in 1992 dollars), with Appleton Papers, Roaring Spring, PA. 
  • Project was to rebuild PM1, consisting of complete main and after dryer sections with mechanical drives, sole plates with fabricated basement steel support system for new wider machine track, pocket ventilation system, 3rd press rebuild with PressNip and PressRun blow box system to eliminate blowing entering 3rd press nip, and greatly reduce draw for improved runnibility from the 3rd press into the dryer section, and a new horizontal track reel section.
Aug 1990Feb 1992

Sales Manager

Sandy Hill Corporation
  • Responsible for Northeast sales territory, selling complete product line from spare parts and other services, machine components, machine rebuilds, to complete machines.
  • Increased order bookings in the territory from only $1.5 million up to $4.2 million.
  • Short lived position due to acquisition of Sandy Hill by Tampella Paper Machinery, Tampere, Finland.
May 1989Jul 1990

National Sales Manager

AirTech Systems
  • Hired to run the sales and marketing end of the business, and ultimately replace the aging owner of the company.
  • Managed outside sales reps, as well as inside sales and sales engineering staff.
  • provided technical and commercial support for sales team - - coordinated project scoping, application engineering, cost estimating, pricing, tech spec and quotation writing, presentation and marketing materials.
  • Traveled with salesmen to assist with client presentations and contract negotiation meetings. Doubled annual bookings volume from $8 million to $15 million.
  • Product mix as described below for AER.
Feb 1984May 1989

Application Sales Engineer

Wolverine Corporation/ American Tool & Machine Co.
  • Worked side-by-side with owner and mentor.
  • Developed custom-engineered design concepts for particular customer requirements, scoped projects and prepared cost estimates, wrote tech specs and pricing letters for client proposals, for process equipment for various manufacturing industries, made presentations, and closed  contracts.
  • Assisted in supervision of project during design engineering phase, project managment, installation supervision and start-up of equipment.
Jan 1980Oct 1983

Application Sales Engineer

AER Corporation
  • Recruited from College by AER's top management.
  • Completed formal sales training program, starting in design engineering, and progressed through project management, application engineering and sales support for outside salesmen.
  • Gained knowledge and experience in the technology to spec, design and sell the company's custom-engineered product mix - - paper mill machine room and paper machine process air systems, such as: wet end false ceiling and roof supply systems, former exhaust systems, dryer section hoods, PV & VA systems, coating dryers, Yankee hoods, heat recovery, air make-up units, pulper exhaust, dust collection, AC motor cooling, etc.




Syracuse University

Chemical Engineering



State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry

Paper Science Engineering


certificate of completion

IMD (International Institute for Management Development) - Business Programs