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Jhon Edisson Gómez Ospina

English Teacher


English teacher with excellent communication skills in pronunciation and grammar with four years' experience in English teaching in non- profit foundations and training centers. Really passionate about teaching and helping people of all ages in the acquisition of English as a second language. Journalism and Mass Communication (B.A) along with English education as a second language. Background experience in translation, interpretation (English - Spanish) and bilingual customer service.

Job Experience

Jun 2016At present 

English Teacher

Teleperformance Colombia (Medellín - Colombia)

Phone number: +571-4049080 Ext: 49983

  • English teacher in charge of training people about company's related topics.
  • Trainer in charge of the English Academy program in one of the company's branches, fostering English as a second language as well as service culture.
  • Training and developing analyst promoting English graduates to a different jobs positions within the company in which English is a must.
Oct 2015Jun 2016

Customer Service Representative

Avianca Services - KLM (Cali -Colombia)

Phone Number: +572-6535127

  • Customer and translation services from English into Spanish about aviation documents industry for KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) at the international airport.
Aug 2014Dec 2014

Customer Center Representative

Teleperformance (Bogotá - Colombia)

Phone Number: +571-4049080 Ext: 4922

  • English speaking customer service representative and technical support for the mobile phone company .
  • Special trainee of interpretation (English - Spanish) services for the international bank 'Wells Fargo'. 
Feb 2012Feb 2015

English Teacher

Fundación Libre Fewik   (Bogotá - Colombia) 

Phone Number: +571-7017492

  • English teacher of a non- profit foundation, teaching English to people of all ages and different backgrounds levels.
  • Developed different approaches and methods of English teaching so that students could learn efficiently.
Feb 2012Nov 2012

Radio Host and Media Producer

Universidad los Libertadores / Libertadores Online (Bogotá - Colombia)

Phone Number: +571-2544750 Ext: 4249

  • Worked  in broadcasting  and media production for an online radio station.
  • Developed  scripts for radio,  video production , news delivery and English podcast aimed to educational ends. 

Sep 2009Jun 2010

Radio Host and Media Producer

Centro Comercial Unilago /    (Bogotá - Colombia )

Phone Number: +571-6103349 Ext: 102

  • Worked broadcasting and producing media content for online radio station in both
  • Tasks developed: scripts for radio, news delivery, technology music and current
Dec 2006Sep 2007

English Speaker customer care 

SNBS Tracfone Wireless (Bogotá - Colombia)

Phone Number: +571-2820951

  • Worked as a customer service representative and technical support for cell phone company with customers based in the United States.


  • Strengthen English educational program inside the company,  raising up to 120 undergraduates annually and it is still growing.
  • polished solid interpersonal skills leading to effective team work always tuned up to the company's  objectives and goals.
  • Developed strong relationship with English grammar awareness, and enhanced English pronunciation to all participants in the courses.
  • Learned and applied communication radio host knowledge in order to develop new strategies for improving pronunciation with students in class.
  • Developed clear verbal communication skills  thanks to the bilingual customer service work exprience that I've been through.


Feb 2012Jun 2014

Journalism and Mass Communication (B.A)

Universidad los Libertadores

Journalism and Mass Communication (B.A) along with media broadcasting ( radio, TV, press, web ),  Communication and education , among other skills.

Aug 2008Jul 2010

Technical Education in Broadcasting & Media.

Colegio Superior de Telecomunicaciones /High School of Telecommunications 

Education based on technical knowledge about media, covering practical aspects of  content delivery, pre- production and broadcasting.

Feb 2005Aug 2007

Advanced English Level

Universidad Católica de Colombia (Modern Language institute)
  • Language program of advanced English level. Certified according to the Common European Framework of Reference.


Personal References

Name: Hector Arango   

Profession:  Self - Employee

Cellphone Number: 3015661604

Email: [email protected] 

Name: Jorge Ivan López

Profession:  Employee

Cellphone Number: 3219084147

Email: [email protected]

Name: Álvaro Moreno Moreno

Profession:  Catholic Church Priest St Christopher South

Cellphone Number: 311 202 53 78

Email: [email protected]


Name: Yolanda Morales 

Profession:  Accountant

Cellphone Number: 313 8463961

Email: [email protected]