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Work experience

Apr 2009Present


Contractor SQL VBA – Verizon Wireless - 4/20/2009 – 7/30/2010

Contract work using VBA, VB, Access and Teradata SQL Assistant.Heavy use of SQL queries and data mining against a very large Teradata database to gather Telesales statistics on wireless devices and top salesmen.I also wrote some MS Outlook automation code to invoke an email program for contacting customers about possible sale

and an MS Word automation project to produce Verizon telesales quotes. I combined excel automation, word automation (updated of word documents from excel data) and email automation (automatic send email messages with attached PDF document). Completed 5 projects that were put into production for Verizon telesales.
Aug 2010Jan 2011


health plan

Health Plan Services (Tampa, Florida) - Contractror

Medium term Contract Position – 8/15/2010 –01/31/2011

Programming Document Fullfillment in a mail merge language called

Docuflex (Oracle).

Apr 2002Feb 2009

Senior Programmer - Full-time

Visionary Medical Systems

This project involved extensive database conversion coding using Visual Basic 6.0 of a Btrieve medical billing system to a SQL Server 2000 Data center database in Orlando. This involved extensive use of Btrieve call and ADO connections to a SQL server 2000 database. I was heavily involved in on-line retrieval and testing and end-user testing. Also extensive use of SQL Server Enterprise Manager 2000/2005 for database creation, backups, restores, stored procedures, T-SQL, DTS imports/exports. Over 300 clients with 1800 databases were converted from 60 different Medical Billing systems to 1 common system. Our data center model was the ASP model using Microsoft Remote Desktop and also involved transmitting SQL Server backups to the AT&T data center over a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Performed 100 SQL Database Recoveries for SQL 2000 and SQL Server 2005 databases. Extensive use of SQL Scripting for maintenance imports. Also used Pervasive Map Designer to map ODBC, SQL, Binary, Btrieve databases to Visionary SQL databases. Used Web-ex for customer dialins.


Senior Software Engineer


In charge of designing, coding, testing, POS (point of sale) PC-based systems for theconvenience store and gas-station industry. I also developed communications software for both serial and modem communications between a PC and the POS terminal.I used Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic 4 (Sheridan, Videosoft Controls) and Crystal Reports 7 extensively with some light VC++. I also developed installation programs using Wise Install Master to test/install the software on all variants of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000. Also I developed an Engineering Tracking system in Visual Basic 6.0 that interfaced with a server-based Clarify database. Extensive use of Visual Source_Safe (VSS) for source check-in and Visio for Flowcharts, diagrams.


Senior Software Engineer.


Heavy new development coding and design for a national workmen's comp and managed-care provider company. This project written in Visual Basic 6 (with OLE documents, ADO data controls and grids and heavy use of server (network) based Access tables) is a complete front-end customer view of manager care providers with all demographics and repricing data. Approximately 40 different modules and approximately 20,000 lines of VB 6 code. Also extensive use of SQL Server 7 linked tables and extensive use of VB SQL commands. Also heavy installation coding using Wise Install Master 9.0.



Responsible for coding, testing, and documentation of a new security processing system. This system would allow account executives to review security positions, trades, production and customer account balances for securities such as Municipal bonds, equities, mutual funds, etc.Written in MS Visual Basic 4.0 using RDO controls tied into SQL Server 6.5 databases.


Oracle Database Engineer/Internet Enginee

World Color Press

This job entailed creating dynamic HTML web sites using Platinum SQL Station embedded inside of HTML,CGI and JavaScript. Our clients included Lucent Technologies, Paradyne and Spiegel catalogues. We used extensive data modeling (S-Designer) using physical data models and Oracle packages. These web sites allowed customers to place orders for telephone, routers, etc.using an extensive search of online database with graphics images and catalogues. The web site ran on Sun Solaris servers.


Senior Programmer Analyst, Systems Development

Florida Power-DCI,

(3 month cont temp position) Senior Programmer Analyst, Systems DevelopmentI programmed in MS Access 2.0 tied in with Oracle databases on Windows NT 3.51 servers. I also programmed many graphs of Florida Power loads and temperatures, and performed many maintenance changes on existing systems. I worked for the Power Marketing Dept. in their trading room and their energy control center.


Oracle Developer 2000 Programmer

GatorBait Software

laid off due to company bankruptcyDeveloped conversion/load procedures for Oracle Accounting Software for the Nursery/Greenhouse Industry. Extensive use of Oracle 7.1 Developer 2000 in Windows 95 environment. Interaction with Novell Netware 4.1 and SCO Unix Servers. Extensive SQL Conversion coding using SQL * Plus and PL* SQL scripts, SQL Loader, Procedure Builder (Triggers), and Oracle Browser. Some Oracle forms (4.5) development and also Delphi 2 development.


Micro Computer Analyst

Morton Plant Hospital.,

Designed, developed, and implemented three complete financial applications for the Home Health subsidiary of Morton Plant. The applications were Payroll, Purchase Orders, and Human Resources. * All applications were written in Borland Paradox for DOS, and were installed on both Novell 3.1 networks and stand-alone . Symantec?s PcAnywhere was used extensively to communicate data from office to office.* Developed employee wellness database using Microsoft Visual 3.0 and VB. 4.0 (Prof. Edition) and Microsoft Access 2.0. We used Crystal Reports for reporting.


Micro Computer Analyst-Owner of Home Business

JMH Software

Programmed Visual Basic 1.0 for a lottery application.


Senior Programmer Analyst -


Maintenance of Marshall & Isley banking code and conversion of correspondence banks to this vendor’s system.* Converted seventeen banks from different vendors? C & S, NCR, FIS, Burroughs,NAFS to M & I deposit systems.* Converted 110,000 accounts and $600 million in balances for DDA, Savings, CD?S,and IRA accounts.

Senior Programmer Analyst, Systems Development 1986-1990* Designed, developed, and installed a complete PC-BASED deposit and consumer loan branch automation system for First Florida branches. Saved millions of dollars in duplicate data entry, printing, and transmission costs to host and increased accuracy and efficiency. Co-Lead on project and timeline was developed in MS Project.* Designed, programmed, and implemented the real-time transmission of customer information from PC’s to an IBM 3090 host using 3270 emulations.* Developed complete deposit and consumer loan reporting system in FoxBASE. The reporting system contained daily and monthly consolidated reports.


Senior System Analyst


Programming and installation of newspaper circulation software throughout the United States. This software was installed on HP 3000 and DEC. VAX mini computers.* Installed three newspaper circulation systems throughout the Midwest.


Systems Analyst/Programmer


Programming, design, and installation of taxation and appraisal systems for county governments throughout the United States. All systems were on Burroughs small and medium systems.* Programmed and installed five taxation and appraisal systems in the United States.* Programmed complete taxpayer billing for ten county government clients.


Programmer Analyst


Conversion of service bureau patient accounting system to in-house system. Development of on-line real time patient accounting system for patient charges, admitting, and insurance billing. Developed G/L system.* Converted service bureau to in-house in fifteen months for all charges and accounts receivable.* Developed real-time system in Burroughs DMS II for admitting, patient charges, and insurance charges, and insurance billing in thirty-six months.


misc ed

Computer Programming and Operations - ITT Computer InstituteDB2/SQL - Platinum Technology (Computer People), 1993Rexx/CMS - St. Petersburg Junior College, 1987Unix and ?C? Language - St. Petersburg Junior College, 1986Oracle - St. Petersburg Junior College, 1994Novell CNA School - Tampa, Fla., 1994C ++ - DCI (Computerpeople) - Clearwater, Fla - March 1997OCP Intro to Oracle9i Sql--Icubed April 2002

Oracle 9iDB adm 1--Icubed May 2002 Oracle 9iDB adm 2--- Icubed May 2002 Oracle Preformance Tunning ---Icubed June 2002


Bellarmine Prep School
Jan 1973


univ of wash


Additional Skills
In House Conversions                Multi-Vendor COBOL Programming New Product Development        Data Base Programming (IMS, DMS), Electronic Medical Record(emr) PC-Mainframe Connectivity      Medical, Government, Banking, Securities, POS Apps HIPAA Rules and Regulations  Full Product Life Cycle (3 Projects) SQL Database Recoveries        Systems Integration Physical Data Modeling
Language Skills: Oracle SQL, Visual Basic 6, C, C++(Visual 4.0), T-SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005, Access, Cobol, Visual Studio, Visual Studio.Net, VSS, Olap, n-tier,Oledb, RDO, ADO, COM, MS Access(97/2000/2003/2005), Paradox(DOS), Schemas, RDBMS,vba Triggers/ Stored Procedures, PLSQL, OLTP, OOD, SQL Server Enterprise Manager Studio, Oracle 9i, Clearcase, Magic, SourceSafe, DTS Imports, SQL Scripting, API, Pervasive Map Designer Office Suites: MS Office for Windows 95 and MS Office 97, 2000,2003 Corel WordPerfect Office, Windows Me, XP, Excel, Powerpoint, Word Internet Skills: HTML, CGI, Perl, Java Script, Java, Netscape, IE 7.0, XML, Frontpage, Micrographx Suite, CD burning, Digital Cameras, scanning, Video reformatting, digital photo animation, DreamWeaver, Outlook Operating System: Mainframe: MVS(IBM-3090),VAX(DEC), MPE (HP), MCP (Unisys) UNIX (SCO),Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, vista,Windows 2000, Windows ME and Workgroups,VMS, TSO, ISPF Hardware: IBM 3090 ESA, HP 3000, Burroughs 2900, Citrix  Data Bases: Oracle 7 and 9i, SQL Server 6.5 / 7, Access, IMS DB/DC, DMSII, FoxBase,physical data modeling,Systems Integration,teradata sql assistant, Clarify, Business Objects, SQL Server Enterprise Manager(2000/2005/2008), T-SQL, MySQL, SQL-Express 2005, Paradox, DBaseIV, Crystal Reports, Foxpro Utilities: Query Analyzer, Clearcase, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Oracle Browser, Toad, MS Outlook & Express, Robohelp, BlackBox testing, VSS (Visual Source Safe) Wise Install Master 9, Crystal Reports 7/8 , Photoshop, Web-Ex, MS-Project, Visio Mainframe: Easytrieve, Roscoe, Focus, Intertest, Librarian Telecom: CICS, 3270 Emulation, HLLAPI, Netview, PcAnywhere, FTP, WebEx


J M  Hoffman


Verizon Wireless (Tampa, Florida) Contractror

Long term Contract Position – 4/20/2009 –07/31/2010

Contact work using VBA and Teradata SQL Assistant. Also I wrote some

MS Outlook automation code to invoke an email program for contacting Verizon Wireless customers about possible sales. I also wrote a MS Word automation project to update word bookmarks.I also interfaced with MS Outlook security manager to disable Outlook message when sending email. I combined excel automation, word automation (updated of word bookmarks from excel data) and email automation (automatic send email messages with attached PDF document).