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Accomplished O&G exploration and production geophysicist.

Expert in 3D seismic interpretation, development geology, well planning and risk evaluation.

Experienced in diverse sedimentary basins with varied structural deformation styles. Background includes on and offshore GOM, California, Alaska, and offshore East Coast.  Skilled at working with post or pre-stack data, AVO analysis, synthetic generation with fluid and/or mineral substitution, post-stack attribute generation, 2D seismic, 3D visualization, fracture analysis, etc. Adept at velocity analysis, sub-surface integration and well log correlation.

Understand all economic drivers including prospect, reserve and risk analysis. Responsive and goal-oriented. Willing to relocate at personal expense.

Work experience

Senior Geophysicist - Consultant

Peregrine Oil & Gas
  • Serve as sole geophysicist for Peregrine Oil & Gas.
  • Currently interpreting Lentic trend in Vermilion and Eugene Island (200 ft water depth).

Additional Experience

Survey Design

  • Design, contract, witness (q.c.) and interpret check shot, VSP and salt proximity surveys.
  • Designed close-spaced shallow hazard 2D survey for WC-106 (2009).
  • Assisted GECO-Prakla in design of 3D marine survey for DuPont-Conoco in EI/SMI (1993). 
  • Worked on 9 block output depth imaging project at Fairfield SS-198 which identified several prospects by correcting gas sag static problems.  The PSDM led to 2 wells and a large deep shelf prospect (not drilled).
2007May 2011

Senior Geophysicist

Leed Petroleum, LLC.
  • Interpreted and mapped all onshore and offshore properties.  GOM shallow water shelf work included: WC-106, SS-197, SS-201, SS-202, SS-205, EI-133, EI-172, EI-260, MP-64, MP-115, SMI-6,  SMI-8, GI-95 and GI-89.  Onshore LA: Sorrento Field. 
  • Found 71 feet net effective gas at SS-201 (A-6 well, 2010).
  • Successful high bids at MP-115, SS-197, SS-201, WC-106 and GI-96.
  • Prepared prospects and assisted in bidding strategy for OCS Sales in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • Prepared Exploration Plans for GOM Leases in compliance with new BOEMRE regulations.

Senior Geophysicist

Stone Energy Corporation


  • Found over 100 feet of oil and gas at Weeks island (Stone Goodrich-Cocke 8, partner op.).
  • Developed Weeks Island SGC-6 and 7 which produced over 1.5 mmbo through 2007.
  • Found oil and gas pay in multiple sands at Ship Shoal 198 Field (J11 partner op.).
  • Mapped and drilled Ship Shoal 199 #3 well (20,000 feet, P&Ad).


  • Successful high bid for WC-299 (2004).  Prospects not drilled; lease currently available.
  • Successful high bid for SS-197 (2003).  Management change, not drilled. 
  • Cumulative pay of 10.5 bcfg and 969 mbo from drilled well at SS-198 G9st (active).  Also drilled G6st and G13st.
  • Led extensive depth-imaging project (Fairfield data) in SS-198 Field.  Interpreted PSDM.
  • Interpreted PSTM, Post Stack DM Western and PSTM Fairfield data over 9 blocks.


  • Drilled 6 wells at Clovelly Field (onshore LA) with approx. production of 2.0 mmboe.  
  • Cumulative production of 55 bcfg and 2.6 mmbo from six wells drilled at EI-243 Field.  Generated maps for 4 blocks of 3D seismic data.

Senior Geophysicist

Conoco, Inc.
  • Field development of CAGC shelf properties in Ship Shoal, Eugene Island, East Cameron and South Marsh Island.
  • Worked 3D surveys on MCN non-op properties EI 128 and 51 fields.
  • Mapped several prospects in SM106. Performed one of the first 3D AVO analyses on a GOM Field. SM106 sold to Force Energy in 1994 who drilled all prospects successfully.
  • Participated in successful farm-out of SS-157 to Newfield in 1991.
  • Frontier prospect mapping on East Coast, US; Central and Northern California offshore (Eel River and Sacramento) basins, GOM Offshore (deep water), Beaufort Sea, North Slope, and Alaska (NPRA onshore).
  • Mapped prospects for Beaufort Sea OCS lease sale 87. Successful bids on several blocks in Dease Inlet.


Computer Proficiencies

Areas/Fields Worked

Professional Affiliations



University of Alabama - Birmingham


Virgina Tech