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“Educating students within an urban context requires a perfect match between school and instructional leader.”

An effective, innovative, results-oriented educator with the proven ability to create and monitor policies and practices that: 1) promotes a safe learning environment; 2) builds a school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and students; and 3) encourages open communication with colleagues, students, and the community. Experienced in meeting the needs of at-risk students in “turn around” schools through creating a stimulating and challenging learning environment that is conducive to the highest level of achievement.


Leadership • Data Analysis & Disaggregation • Budget Allocation • Relationship & Team Building • Curriculum & Instruction • Discipline Management • Parental & Community Involvement • Recruitment & Retention • Professional Development

Work experience

July 2013Present

Middle School Assistant Principal

Houston Independent School District

Key Middle School: 8th Grade Principal         (July 2014-Present)

  • Responsible for direct supervision of 10 teachers, appraisal of 12 teachers, 2 support staff members and 200 students.
  • Instructional leader of the math department for 6th-8th grades resulting in the following growth on the STAAR Math assessment: 6th Grade: 46% to 58% (+12); 7th Grade: 34% to 39% (+5); 8th Grade: 1st Administration: 31% to 43% (+12);  
  • 2nd Administration: 43% to 60% (+17); Total Growth (+29).
  • Managed the implementation of restructuring the math program through weekly PLC meetings targeting lesson plan design, instructional strategies, disaggregation of informal/formal data, and student engagement.
  • Developed and coordinated in-service and staff development on Response to Intervention (RtI), Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) and 504 program and procedures which resulted in a campus-wide program targeted towards at-risk students.
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and training as the 504 and IAT Chairperson. Specific emphasis via training and coaching was placed on how to properly intervene and close academic gaps within the classroom environment.
  • Coordinated and implemented the United Way Math Mentoring program for 8th grade students to tutor 6th grade students in prerequisite math skills which resulted in an increase in student’s performance and a decrease in discipline infractions.
  • Oversaw the special education department as the administrator/interim chairperson to ensure programs operated with fidelity and students received academic/behavioral support resulting in a decrease of referrals and lawsuits requesting compensatory education.


Dowling Middle School: 7th Grade Principal    (July 2013-July 2014)

  • Responsible for direct supervision and appraisal of 14 teachers and 400 students.
  • Served as instructional leader of the Special Education department (14%) and English as a Second Language department (19%) for 6th-8th grades resulting in the campus receiving a “Met Standard” accountability rating with Designated Designations in Mathematics and Top 25% Student Progress.
  • Responsible for management and discipline for transportation services of 10 routes/buses servicing approximately 600 students.
  • Created and monitored policies and procedures for Response to Intervention (RtI) and Assistance Team to provide academic or behavioral assistance to at risk students.
July 2012July 2013

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Houston Independent School District

Scarborough Elementary School: (Pre-K – 5th Grade)

Responsible for effective implementation of the Apollo 20 Framework with heavy emphasis on increased student achievement:

  • Responsible for direct supervision and appraisal of 14 teachers, 10 support staff members, and 800 students.
  • Managed the implementation and restructuring of the reading program through implementing the “Think Literacy” program in grades 1-3 resulting in leveled reading libraries in each classroom, instructional delivery of reading via books/novels, and monitored bi-weekly data disaggregation utilizing the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) to monitor students’ reading levels.
  • Monitored and provided feedback regarding the instructional delivery and bi-weekly informal/formal data sets in grades 3-5 which resulted in an increase in student achievement per STAAR assessment receiving a “Met Standard” accountability rating with Designated Designations in Reading/ELA and Mathematics. STAAR performance indicators include: All Subjects: 73% to 85% (+12); Reading: 71% to 81% (+10); Mathematics: 81% to 92% (+11); Writing: 67% to 89% (+22); and Science: 67% to 72% (+5).
  • Oversaw, managed, and created campus-wide policies and procedures as the Testing, LPAC, RtI/IAT, Safety, PEIMS, and Discipline Chairpersons & Special Education/Programs Administrator.
  • Developed all master schedules, plans for interventions, data-disaggregation tools, and professional development activities which resulted in an increase of student achievement.
  • Provided instruction to students for tutorials during school and after-school for students in need of interventions.
July 2009July 2012

Instructional Coordinator

Houston Independent School Distrit

Crawford ES, Dodson ES, & Blackshear ES: (Pre-K – 5th Grade)      

School-based experiences include an in-depth knowledge base pertaining implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Traditional, Dual Language, Montessori, Special Education, and Bilingual programs.


Highlighted Accomplishments:

  • Provided direct support to teachers and implemented school-wide strategies which resulted in students’ test scores increasing by the following percentages: 90%-99% in Reading, Math, Science, Writing (Commended in Math & Science) in 2009, and 5th Grade 1st administration increased by 13% in Reading and 4% in Math in 2010.
  • Supervised and trained faculty and staff as the coordinator for Testing, LPAC, Title I (e.g., managed and allocated $80,000 budget) PIEMS, and Textbooks resulting in meeting the district and state guidelines as well as reduction of textbook fees to less than $1,000 dollars.
    Oversaw and managed 504 Committee, Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) Committee and Referral Committee which resulted in timely identification of students in need of support via strategies/interventions and a reduction in the number of referrals for special education testing.
  • Monitored and evaluated the effectiveness of special education program as the Special Education Administrator resulting in 90-95% of students passing all state assessments.
  • Disaggregated data from benchmark and common assessments to identify areas of weakness for interventions, pull-outs, and after-school tutorials. Strategic interventions were developed during the school day, after-school and Saturdays as a result of data (i.e., developed fluid interventions for up to 200 students).
  • Developed and awarded A.S.A.P. grant for $40,000 dollars to create an afterschool program to provide additional learning and extra-curricular activities for at-risk students.
  • Served as Principal Designee as well as garnered resources from business partners to hold community events such Spring Fling, etc.
June 2008July 2009

Principal Intern

Houston Independent School District

Aspiring Principal Intern (API): Burbank Middle School                     

Received training, support, and campus-based leadership experiences from the API Program and Master Principal pertaining to: Values & Ethics, Campus Culture, Organizational Leadership, Data Analysis, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Curriculum Planning/Development, and Continuous School Improvement.


  • Direct supervision and appraisal of English Department (i.e., 9 teachers) and 6th-8th grade discipline.
  • Supervised and coached English Department towards maintaining a 90% TAKS rating.
  • Developed and implemented 5th Grade Tours with 4 elementary school consisting of 550 students and parents in attendance to recruit and promote school resulting in increased enrollment for the 2009 school year.
  • Coordinated and facilitated 5th/6th Grade Transitional Meetings with feeder schools to identify content-based strengths and weakness for incoming 6th grade students.
August 2004June 2008

Special Education Teacher

Houston Independent School District
  • Provided effective instruction in all academic areas to 1st-5th grades students in a self contained classroom resulting in 90% or above performance on state/district assessments.
  • Composed and implemented ARDs, IEPs, long/short-term objectives, modifications, and behavior intervention plans. 




Principal EC-12


Generalist EC-4


English as a Second Language EC-12


Special Education EC-12


Certificates & Awards:

Professional Affiliations:

STAAR Haberman Interviewer for New Teachers · Assessor for Incoming ACP Principal Candidates · Houston Harvard Fellow · ASCD Member · HASA Member · Critical Friends Group · Proctor (Various Exams) - Texas Southern University · PDAS/MPDAS/TADS Appraisal Trainer · All Kinds of Minds (Schools Attuned)  · TSU Graduate Assistant/Alumni