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Jhad AbdulSalam Hanon 

ICSS Engineer


Electrical, Control and Instruments Engineer with more than five years of experience in multiple projects that includes Construction, Commissioning, and maintenance phases in instrumentation side and  implementing & configuring large DCS and safety systems upgrade projects side, Adding extensions for the ICSS, and perform work for the FAT, Pre-SAT and SAT of control and safety systems, member of the Institute of Measurement & Control MInstMC,  member of the Institution of Engineering Technology MIET, and a member of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.

Basic Info.

Marital status : Married
Place / Date of Birth : Baghdad, Iraq / March 3rd, 1990
Languages : English & Arabic


University Of Technology - Iraq

Sep 2008Jul 2012

Bachelor of Science In Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Work History

Mar 2014Present

ICSS Engineer

  • Attend FAT for Kuwait Oil Company " Extending existing DeltaV system with 3 Cabinets of I.S CHARMs" in UAE, Dubai, Main Role: HW/SW Modifications & Configuration.
  • Attend FAT for West Qurna Oil Project Phase 2 in South Korea, Busan.
  • Years O&M Work In West Qurna 2 Lukoil Upstream Early Oil Production Project.
  • Modified and implemented changes after FAT upon request.
  • Graphic Configuration and Logic Modification Upon client request.
  • Responsible for Installation, Startup, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance of DCS.
  • Database Backup & Recovery Configuration, Cleaning and Management.
  • Troubleshooting in DeltaV DCS software & hardware problems.
  • Conducting DCS Hardware Systems Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) - Cabinets Inspection, Controllers & Power Supplies redundant test, IO Cards channel testing, Controller & IO Carriers inspection, Wiring & Termination Inspection, Network Interconnection & Testing.
  • Alarms & Events reports analyzing and filtration.
  • Controllers Firmware upgrade and diagnostics check.
  • MDOBUS PLC devices data-sets registers  addressing and Landing Modules Configuration.
  • Weekly maintenance visits to West Qurna 2 Gas Turbine Power Plant and perform logic and graphics modifications upon request for 1.5 Years.
  • Commissioning and startup for the CVCS in Qurainat Rumaila with British Petroleum.
  • SAT, Startup and Commissioning, including Loop-Checks, Functionality checks and software signals check for the Slug Catcher system project in North Rumaila with Shell Iraq Petroleum Development.
  • VIM Network Configuration and smart DeltaV Switches management.
  • After FAT & SAT Activities + Commissioning for Shell Majnoon Slug Catcher Project.
  • SAT & Commissioning activities for Weatherford Hammar Project.
  • Site Commissioning + Engineering Implementation for "Ventech - TTOPCO" CPF - II .

Oct 2012Mar 2014

Instruments & Control Engineer

5 Units Siemens SGT5-4000F power Plant with BOP stations " Water
treatment & Gas Station".

  • Determined instruments and their specifications for Testing & Calibration.
  • Evaluated drawings and data that were submitted by vendor.
  • Termination Check for hard wire and communication cable signals.
  • Coordinated with various engineering disciplines for completion of work.
  • Responsible for performing termination & continuity checks.
  • Loop check from field side and from control system side "SPPA-T3000".
  • Visit client and vendor offices for design reviews and to plant site locations for construction coordination and field verification of designs.
  • Work on project teams with instrumentation and control engineers involved in the design of distributed control systems, modifications to existing power generation facilities and plant controls.
  • Fiber Optic Termination, pulling and optical loss measurement for both sides.
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning for control system in "Water Treatment, Gas Turbine to Central Control Building".
  • Installation, maintenance, calibration and loop check of field instruments, PID controllers, and transmitters used for measuring Level, Pressure, Flow, and Temperature.


Rumaila Operating Organization / South & North Rumaila Degassing Stations - BP
  • ROO Have 7 Degassing Stations in South Rumaila and 7 Degassing Stations in North Rumaila that has been operating for long time ago, Recently ROO Implemented DeltaV Control System to the old Degassing stations and it's being integrated to the whole plants gradually to be all controlled by the DCS.
  • Rumaila Oild Field is considered as the largest Oil Field in Iraq with 1.4 BPD of Export.
  • As for now 12 Degassing Stations have TFM "Tank Farm Monitoring System" and CVCS "Crash Valve Control System" which is implemented on each train of each Degassing Station and being integrated by time due to process.
  • the 13th & 14th Degassing Station has TFM, CVCS and DCS and being integrated gradually accoring to the process.
  • Totally 14 DeltaV Systems and controlled separately according the Degassing Stations needs and design.
  • Maintenance work including checking system diagnostics, reporting system status, report system alarms, Control Valves Tuning, Database backups.
  • Help, Instruct & Support the control Room Operators to be more familiar with the DCS.

TTOPCO TaqTaq CPF II Commissoning & Startup
  • TTOPCO is the Operation Company for TaqTaq Area in Kurdistan which is rich with Oil.
  • TaqTaq CPF II consists of 2 trains with a capability of 90000 Export BPD and with around 5000 DSTs.
  • Commissioning and re-configuring system database and philosophy for Water Heater Starting procedure and for the SRU "Sulfur Recovery Unit" startup.
  • Loop checking for Instruments at site and change the ranges, Set points in the system accordingly as per customer's needs.
  • Serial Communication with ABB's MCC through VIM TCP/IP - RS485 communication and check the health of all signals.
  • SIS Configuration and changes along with adding new C&E as per project extension.
  • Adding Serial communication for signals that are coming from TaqTaq CPF I that's being controlled by Yokogawa and successfully getting the signals by VIM / Serial Communication.
  • Burner Management System "BMS" Logic Implementation and modifications as per customer's requirements.
Shell Iraq Petroleum Development FCP Majnoon Gas Slug Catcher Construction, Commissioning & Startup
  • The project consists of 700 DSTs and its main purpose to transfer the Gas that's coming from Majnoon Oil Field to Rumaila Gas Power Plant.
  • Work was Commissioning + Startup for the system and Database replacement and reconfigure system logic and graphics as per SIPD's MOCs, Configure the trends and add new signals to the project.
  • Serial Communication through modbus RS485  with the Air Compressor PLC of the plant.
  • Pre-SAT and SAT, Loop checks and tested all the instruments, loops and devices that are connected to the system.
ENI Hammar & Zubair IPFs Maintenance & Operation
  • Graphics and Logic modifications as
    per customer's and process
    Help maintenance team to
    understand how to communicate
    through HART and FF devices from
    Investigate trip signals, Following up
    historian and report it accordingly.
    User Privileges administration and
    parameters distributions according to
    user position.
TAQA Atrush CPF PSAT Oil PipelineProject Commissioning & Startup
  • The project consists of 200 DSTs,
    Main PCS is controlled by SCADA and
    ESD is being controlled by DeltaV SIS, All signals are ESD & Serial Modbus signals.
  • Pre-Commissioning and
    Commissioning for F&G System and
    ESD System along with Cause & Effect
    modification and graphics
    implementation according to
    customer's MOC's.
  • Startup and simulation of trip signals
    and test them with the site team.
  • logic change and adding signals as
    per customer's requests.
  • Startup overrides and MOS
    implementation to the project.
  • Serial communication with the SCADA
    and the Main CPF DCS System
    through RS485 & RS232.
Weatherford/ ENI Early Production OilFields "Hammar, Rafidiya, & Zubair"Pre-Commissioning, Startup andOperation
  • Weatherford is the EPC Company for ENI which have 3 new IPFs and all are controlled by DeltaV Control System with about 10000 DSTs, System consists of DCS, ESD & FGS siganls.
  • Pre-SAT and SAT Activities + Commissioning and loop checking for the 3 sites.
  • Logic implementation + Graphics modifications were implemented according to the customer's needs with MOCs.
  • Firmware upgrade for all the controllers, hotfixes installation for all workstations.
Lukoil Oil Company WQ2 Mishrif CPF& GTPP
  • Maintenance for the control system which have about 14000 DSTs distributed among 9 Trains, 7 WellPads and Auxiliary equipments, the system consists of DCS & SIS which goes into ESD & FGS signals.
  • The system consists of wide variety of signals "Hardwired" & Soft "Serials" including VIM Communication.
  • Maintenance work was including logic modifications, Graphics modifications, Hardware replacement including "IO Cards, Controllers".
    Also Flash upgrading controllers and IO Cards, Hotfix Installation for the workstations.
  • Preventive Maintenance including Cabinet inspection, Cabinet's air filters replacement, Workstations cleaning.
ExxonMobil Iraq Limited West Qurna1 DS08 Train C D&D Construction & Commissioning
  • System is to control Train C Dehydrator & Desalter "D&D" and its utilities, System consists of 750 DSTs, and it has PCS, ESD & FGS signals
  • Drawing Checking and discuss it with Engineering Teams as per as-built and modifications required to them accordingly.
  • Check database IOs "200 DST" and compare them with site drawings and design.
  • Test C&Es and reporting them to the customer.
  • SAT for the hardware side "panels & the RTUs" and software side "Licenses, Setupdata, workstations configuration".
  • Loop check with the commissioning team.
  • Startup and commissioning for the control cabinet and the RTUs.
  • Site surveys and punches clear-up.
ExxonMobil Iraq Limited West Qurna 1 DS06 Major Tie Interim & Train C D&D Startup & Commissioning
  • The system controls the main utilities in DS06 "Fresh Wash Water Pumps and compressors, Train C D&D, system have 3000 DSTs and it consists of PCS, ESD & FGS signals.
  • Upgrade the System from version 12.3 to 13.3.1.
  • Commission new controllers and modify graphics following datasheets, System architecture drawings and IO Allocations.
  • F&G System Power-up, Commissioning, C&E testing and detectors testing.
  • ESD System Power-up, Commissioning, C&E testing, Philosophy and narrative testing.
  • Alarm Philosophies discussions and implementation as per Alarm system philosophy.
  • BMS Commissioning and startup.
  • Fiber Optics Communication checks and fixing the connections as per system architecture and FO connections diagrams.


Emerson Automation Solutions


Associate Cyber-security Assessment 

  • Cyber-security Course.
  • Cyber-security questionnaire and discussions with the clients.
  • Cyber-security final assessment report and submission to the client.

Emerson Automation Solutions


Associate DeltaV Hardware/Power Grounding

  • 5590 Power & Grounding for Electronics Course.
  • Cabinet Grounding testing and reports accordingly.

Emerson Automation Solutions


Professional AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager

  • AMS Device Manager Course, CEUs: 2.1.
  • HART & FF Device Calibration and Testing with AMS Embedded DeltaV.
  • Cisco Network Course.
  • Micrososoft Windows and Server Course.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Jun 2014

Associate DeltaV SIS Service

  • Course 7305 DeltaV SIS Implementation, CEUs: 3.2.
  • SP101 Project Procedures.
  • SE201 Safety Engineering Overview.
  • 5590 Power & Grounding for Electronic Systems.
  • CYber Security course.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Mar 2014

Associate DeltaV Field Service

  • Course 7018 DeltaV Hardware & Troubleshooting, CEUs: 2.8.
  • Course 7009 DeltaV Operate Implementation, CEUs: 3.2.
  • Basic Troubleshooting Course include "Controller, IO, Software, Communication and Operator interface"
  • Basic Cyber Security Assessment Course.
  • Process Control Fundamentals Training Course.

Qualifications, Skills & Trainings

  • Member of the Institute of Measurement & Control MInstMC.
  • Member of the Institution of Engineering &Technology MIET.
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.
  • Computer (MATLAB, Office, Photoshop, Visual Basic, IFIX).
  • Familiar with Control Protocols such as HART,Modicon's MODBUS, and Foundation FieldBus.
  • Good knowledge of different control and safety systems (SIS, LDS, DCS, HMI & SCADA).
  • Skilled to work with various control and safety systems. 
  • Profound knowledge of field instruments and specifications.
  • Good knowledge of power generation, distribution, and transmission systems.
  • Good organizational listening, motivating & communication skills.
  • Well versed in electrical components and electrical control systems.
  • Ability to work well in both a team environment and individual environment.
  • Collaborative, Self-Assured and quick learner of new system.
  • Team player with a quick learning capability.
  • Familiar with Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Procedures.
  • Dell Desktops and Servers Certified.
  • Process Control Fundamentals Training Course.
  • Course in Siemens DCS SPPA-T3000 Application and operation Interface.
  • Team Building Training.
  • R3 Service Training.
  • Cisco Network Course in SkillSoft Institute.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration OS Certified.