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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Producer - Student projects


Managed the “Narcosis” project : (October 2011 – March 2012)

6 month-long pre-production with a team of 9.

Developed with the Scrumm agile methodology supported by Jira and the GreenHopper plugin.

Conceived and managed the “Cauchemar” project : (April – June 2011)

·ACE 2011 game competition Gold Award

·Developed on Ipad2 using the electronic gyroscope, with a 5 persons team in 3 months.

·Suffered a 5 week loss due to the obsolescence of the Ios and unity/Ios licenses we were supposed to have.

·Disturbed by late delivery of the Ipad2 with only 4 weeks of development left.

·Despite that, throughtasks and risks management leading to changes of the features and a thorough pre-production process, the project was delivered on time and earned the whole team a full round of applause.

Managed the “ECHO” project : (December 2010 to January 2011)

·Developed using Game Maker,

·with a team of 9 persons covering every field involved in the game production process,

·and a production scheduled for 6 weeks including the Christmas 2 week holiday.

·We used communication and management tools like SVN and Redmine, to be able to work from home and during our vacations. This allowed the project to be delivered on time without anyone on the team skipping any class, and got us the top score.

Sep 2003Aug 2010

Certified Mathematics Teacher

Education Nationale France

Certified Mathematics teacher (1highschool and 5 middle-school)

·Established annual planning according to course of study.

·Developed my understanding of motivation and learning process.

Head teacher

·Ensured good communication with the student families through the use of interactive media (easy access to student's scores and homework)

·Promoted good team work among the teachers in charge of the class.


Sep 2010Present