Farnaz Saghafi

Farnaz Saghafi

B.A. - TESL Ontario - ATIO- ECE 


I have extensive experience in teaching English as a second language to various age groups of diverse cultures. I have faced some interesting challenges throughout these years which had a significant effect on my approach towards students coming from different backgrounds and cultures. I am hardworking, patient, creative and devoted. I fulfill my commitments and responsibilities to the best I can. I strongly believe that the ability to communicate with the students and impart my knowledge to them are critical skills to have. I also believe that the ability of teachers to deliver effective instruction is the most powerful factor in determining how well students learn different skills. Effective teaching that targets student needs maximizes opportunities for student learning. Improvement is achieved and sustained by the continuous, conscious efforts of educators to assess their students’ progress, identify areas for improvement, determine the instructional strategies to pursue in light of assessment data, implement those strategies, measure whether the strategies have been successful in addressing students’ needs, and plan the next step in the instructional process. My students refer to me as lively, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient, and a lot more.

Work History

Work History
Jun 2014 - Present

LINC Instructor

Working Women Community Centre

• Develop and deliver professional, appropriate and motivational lesson plans consistent with LINC Curriculum Guidelines and CLB documents
• Adapt the teaching style to various learning styles
• Provide instruction geared to meet different skill levels within the class
• Ensure the program expectations and requirements are met
• Develop and maintain an anti-bias classroom atmosphere where participants feel welcome and interested in learning
• Maintain clear and accurate records of students and attendance

Aug 2013 - Present


English Online Inc

• Determine the learner’s needs and set learning goals
• Prepare tasks and activities for each session according to the learner’s needs
• Base these activities on topics relevant to the learner’s interests
• Share links to useful resources and/or tools
• Give recommendations on further improvement

Nov 2012 - Present

ECE- Early Childhood Educator

Dunlace Childcare Centre

• Created a nurturing and fun environment in the center where children felt safe and engaged
• Led children in activities by reading stories, singing songs and preparing craft materials
• Supervised children during indoor and outdoor play times always ensuring their safety


Feb 1991 - Feb 1995

Bachelor's Degree

Azad University

Credential Evaluation and Authentication Report