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If your company is looking for an IT Consultant, I am a top-performing and technically savvy Senior IT Professional with 10 years of progressive experience.

Technical Competencies:
✔️ Callidus Commissions and Incentive Management 
✔️ Middleware Integration ETL, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Data Integrator, SSIS, ODI, Informatica, Alteryx Designer 
✔️ Reporting developer with SSRS and Crystal Reports. 
✔️ IBM Mainframe - IBM z/os, Cobol, JCL, FILEAID, db2 admin, TWS OPC, CA7 scheduler, spare, strobe, REXX. 
✔️ Reporting: SAP BO, Crystal Reports. 
✔️ Oracle/XML BPM ETL programming and configuration Analyst. PL/SQL, T-SQL. 

Management Competencies: 
✔️ Ability to enhance others’ commitment to their work. 
✔️ Acknowledge and thank people for their contributions. 
✔️ Work for ideas that the team members can support and contribute. 
✔️ Provide assistance and information, as well as training to other team members when necessary. 
✔️ Able to let other young team mates make decisions and take charge. 
✔️ Helps young team players to clear understand of what they will need to do differently to achieve their goals fast. 

Consultancy competencies: 
✔️ Very comfortable to interact effectively with different personalities and cultures. 
✔️ Understanding that clear communication is vital for approaching the problems and issues. 
✔️ Critical thinking, ability to think outside the box, and challenge the status quo, making new and innovative. 
✔️ Very organized and well focused on achieving goals on time. 

Functional and business Competencies: 
✔️ Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management for Telecommunications B2B. 
✔️ Credit Limits, Scoring and Risk Management in Retail Banking. 
✔️ Commissioning and Sales Performance Management for Telecommunications sector. 
✔️ Investment funding and Titles. 
✔️ Banktrade and Trade Finance. 
✔️ Salesforce

✔️ Retail Banking. 
✔️ Investment Banking. 
✔️ Telecommunications.

Work experience

Jul 2014Present

★★★★★ RAID - FMS IT Consultant

★★★★★ Rupeal

★★★★★ Client: Wedo Technologies

★★★★★ Client Website:

★★★ Role: RAID FMS IT Consultant

★★★ Principal Responsibilities:   

✔ Software delivery's   

✔ Table parametrization in Production, Qualification and Integration environments

✔ PL/SQL script development

✔ XML script development

✔ DDL development for DB2 objects maintenance (Create, alter, drop tables, tablespaces, indexes)    

✔ Unix scripting

✔ Creating and testing information flows

✔ validation of requests for Flow reports and maintenance in Production and Qualification environments)

✔ Software Design Development SDD  documentation creation

✔ Analysis and Documentation

★★ ★ Used Tools:

✔ Putty

✔ Filezilla

✔ VM Player

✔ Oracle SQL Developer

✔ Aplication Browser


✔ X Shell 4

✔ Notepad++

✔ XML Programming

★★★ Individual Accomplishments and Results:     

XML Programming

PL/SQL programming

Telecommunications functional know how

Error analysis in UNIX

Apr 2013Jul 2014

IT Mainframe support Analyst


★★★★★ Client: BP2S (BNP Paribas Securities Services)

★★★★★ Client Website:

★★★★★ Company Website: 

★★★ Role: IT Mainframe Consultant         

NCS Technical Support Analyst

★★★ Principal Responsibilities:    

✔ Software delivery's   

✔ Table parametrization in Production, Qualification and Integration environments  

✔ SQL script development

✔ DDL development for DB2 objects maintenance (Create, alter, drop tables, tablespaces, indexes)    

✔ SQL script execution on demand on Integration environments    

✔ validation of DB2 objects changes as create, alter, drop tables, tablespaces, indexes in Qualification environments)     

✔ Operation and management of batch processes of Integration environments   

✔ JCL execution on demand     

✔ Analysis and creation/ maintenance of the JCL of Integration environments     

✔ Role as intermediary between Development and Planning teams (Analysis, creation and     

✔ validation of requests for JCL creation and maintenance in Production and Qualification environments)     

✔ Maintenance and development of new features on the technical team utility application (proprietary software) Unload/Load tables for synchronize environments   ✔ Following daily / Night batches with OPC TWS    

✔ Add and Remove new users in RACF

★★★ Used Tools:     

✔ Mainframe OS/390 / TSO ISPF / Z/OS / JCL / DB2 / Z/OS Mainframe Utilities – IEBGENER,     

✔ IEFBR14, SYNCSORT, etc.    

✔ Filemanager     

✔ Fileaid     

✔ Microsoft Excel     


★★★ Individual Accomplishments and Results:     

✔ Learning how-to code in REXX, Fileaid and Filemanager     

✔ DDL development for DB2 objects maintenance (Create, alter, drop tables, tablespaces, indexes)Work with TWS and monitoring job control list and applications 

✔ Know-how to use includes and parmfixes inside JCL code     

✔ Improved communication skills in French

Mar 2012Apr 2013

IT Mainframe Support Analyst

★★★★★ Reditus

★★★★★ Client: Barclays Bank Iberia

★★★★★ Role: IT Mainframe Consultant

★★★★★ Client Website:

★★★★★ Company Website:

★★★★★ Principal Responsibilities:     

✔ Analysis and Improvement of batch and online programs, routines and JOBS, in order to get low CPU time execution.     

✔ Storage Reduction     

✔ Decommission Processes that are no longer necessary.     

✔ Create technical documentation for decision support.     

✔ Analysis of Abends.     

✔ Queries development and testing     

✔ Environment synchronization     

✔ Develop programs in Cobol and jobs for their execution

★★★ Used Tools:     




✔ STROBE     


✔ SuperCompare     

✔ Z/OS Mainframe Utilities – IEBGENER, IEFBR14, SYNCSORT, etc.     

✔ Microsoft Excel

★★★ Individual Accomplishments and Results:

✔ Reduce about 30% of decommited files and reports

✔ Understanding how to reduce CPU Time with programming best practices

✔ Work with TWS and monitoring job control list and applications ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★

Closed Project: Migrate versions of Windows and Communication Tools (3 Months)

★★★★★ Client: Barclays Bank Iberia

★★★ Role: IT Infrastructure Project Manager Assistant

★★★ Principal Responsibilities:     

✔ Follow up of project requisites and relationship managing with Client and Principal Project Manager.     

✔ User Acceptance Tests guide development     

✔ UAT execution tests     

✔ Preparation and implementation of environmental acceptance tests.

★★★ USED Tools:     

✔ Microsoft Project, Visio and Excel     

✔ Quality Centre

★★★ Individual Accomplishments and Results:     

✔ Improving communication with Client     

✔ Understanding better how infrastructure projects are made     

✔ Improved skills with Microsoft Visio and Excel

Oct 2011Jan 2012

★★★ Role: Business Manager    


★★★ Business Development:

★★★ Management of HR processes in the IT Area (Recruitment, Training, Consultancy and Assessment);     

✔ Recruitment and training of new Consultants.     

✔ Conducting R&S processes in IT related areas: elaborating job ads, researching candidates,     

✔ Designing and implementing training sessions;     

✔ Welcoming and integrating new employees;

★★★  Individual Accomplishments and Results:     

✔ Improving communication with Client     

✔ Know-how to get in communication of IT players     

✔ New Business and process improvement

Jul 2011Oct 2011

★★★★★ Role: Business Intelligence Consultant

★★★★★ Habber Tec Portugal

★★★★★ Client: Cofidis
★ Role: DW Microsoft Consultant
★★★ Principal Responsibilities:

    ✔ Analyst Programming with Business Intelligence technologies
    ✔ Used Technologies Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2010
    ✔ Collaboration in the restructuring of a production server. Analysis of all data marts, creating indexes, release space and increase processing speed.

★★★ Participation in the following project phases:
    ✔ Requirement Analysis
    ✔ Functional/Business Analysis
    ✔ Planning the project
    ✔ Development
    ✔ Integrated and Accepting tests
    ✔ Go Live and support
★★★ Used Technologies
    ✔ SSRS - Reporting Services.
    ✔ SSIS - Integration Services.
    ✔ SSAS - Analysis Services.
★★★ Individual Accomplishments and Results:
    ✔ Technical knowledge of Reporting, Integration and Analysis Services of Microsoft
    ✔ Experience under store procedures and T-SQL
    ✔ Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio Business Intelligence Edition

Nov 2009Jun 2011

IT Consultant

★★★★★ NLS - New Link Solutions

★★★★★ Client: everis, Caixa Geral de Depósitos
★★★★★ Role: Trade Finance System Reporting Developer
★★★ Principal Responsibilities:
      ★ Collaboration in integrating an international solution of Trade Finance (Banktrade), being responsible for developing maps, documents and reports for the following products:

★ Some of the performed tasks:
    ✔ Identification of functional dependencies;
    ✔ Identification of maps, tables, fields and functional;
    ✔ Drawing maps using Crystal Reports;
    ✔ Development of a query's business and scrutiny of the application;
    ✔ Survey and monitoring of ticket maintenance of the application;
    ✔ Implementation of Integrated Testing.
★ Used Tools:
    ✔ Tradestats online
    ✔ Batch Tradestats
    ✔ Client Trade
    ✔ Tradesync
    ✔ Microsoft Crystal Reports
    ✔ MS SQL SERVER 2008
    ✔ XML Programming
    ✔ T-SQL Programming
    ✔ JavaScript Programming
★ Individual Accomplishments and Results:
    ✔ Letters of Credit (Import/Export/Standby)
    ✔ Incoming/Outgoing Collections    
    ✔ Reimbursements
    ✔ Pass-on and Issued Guarantees
    ✔ Loans and Financing
    ✔ Developed and tested Thirty five new reports were created using Microsoft Crystal Reports
    ✔ Developed and tested long new queries crossing several tables
    ✔ Working in twenty people with multicultural environment and tight schedules
    ✔ Embraced several experiences with foreign consultants

Nov 2008Nov 2009

Trainee - Mainframe Consultant

Grupo Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Trainee on SOGRUPO SI, Caixa Geral de Depósitos Group

Responsibilities within the project management:

✔ Ensure that the project respects the agreed Customer Quality (correct implementation of all


✔ Monitoring the implementation of functional analysis and technical design;

✔ Ensure the correct implementation of the calculation formulas and their validation with the business areas;

✔ Preparation and implementation of environmental acceptance tests.


Some of the performed tasks:

✔ Functional analysis of processes;

✔ Technical Drawing;

✔ Monitoring and development of processes and transactions;

✔ Design and implementation of application modules;

✔ Development of new features (COBOL);

✔ Implementation of Jobs and definition of JCLs;

✔ Performing DB2 Queries for technical information and documents;

✔ Identify dependencies with other applications and entities;

✔ Diagnosis of technical problems.


Used Tools:


✔ Endeavor




Jul 2003Aug 2008

Systems Engineer and Telecommunications

ISEIT - Piaget Institute

Main Competences:

✔ Systems and Telecommunication Networks - Networks GSM, GPRS, UMTS;
✔ Analysis and Design of Information Systems - Methodology RUP;
✔ Programming – C, Assembly, Matlab, Java;
✔ Data Modeling (UML);
✔ Computer Architecture;
✔ Computer Networks.
✔ Digital Communication Systems;