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Multi-Platform Multi-Vendor Telecom Marketing, Management, Operations and Technical Support

My unique expertise is call center / contact center convergence - modernizing / optimizing customer interaction solutions for sales, customer satisfaction, and retention thru the ability to deploy IP technology capable of the collective handling of calls, emails, live IM / Chat, co-web interfacing at distributed, even virtual locations.

During a decade with SITA / EQUANT I aquired a foundation on the Leading Edge of TDM to IP Contact Center migration development. The IP VPN I designed and managed captured calls globally with Toll Free, and local numbers forwarded VOFR / VOIP from Routers and PBX’s networked across an IP VPN to regional Call Centers equiped with large scale ACD / IVR / CTI Agent Interface software and data technologies. My background covers supporting Call Center / Contact Center thru network pre/post sales technical support including RFI / RFP / RFQ solution and systems design, implementation, and maintenance in globally scaled voice and data networks. Trouble shooting methods and procedures, service delivery processes, acceptance testing, technical documentation, and reports. Integration, interconnection, and convergence of voice, data, video across MAN, WAN, LAN. Multi-protocol multi-service integration, MPLS, IPSEC, DSCP, VPN, Quality of Service (QoS). TDM PBX networking with Cisco routers (VOFR and VOIP) and IP Telephony. Routing (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP), IP multicast. DMS / ESS switch and Tekelec STP MTP, C7, SS7, ANSI ISUP internetworking, capture flags and call logs for long duration, Bellcore AMA billing issues, peg count to highlight traffic, software, and hardware resource issues. ETN and Call Center ACD Project / Program / Vendor management across multiple PBX brands and datafill configurations into common network Alcatel, Lucent, Nortel,Fujitsu, Mitel. Isolate and resolve impairments such as echo,one-way transmission,call cut off, blocking and congestion. Network topology, traffic analysis, load balancing, diversity, dial plans, loss plans and capacity optimization across T1,E1 interconnected NI1, NI2, QSIG, CAS, R2, ETSI, DPNSS, NAPRI

The prior 15 years Bell System experience in technical consultative roles across a broad spectrum of industries, applications, and customers from Fortune 100 Corporations, to Wireless and Wireline Carriers, Resellers, Enhanced Service and Value Added Network Providers further cements my foundation in operations, transport, switching, signaling, translations networking of routers, computers, PBX’s and peripheral applications like call center, voicemail, Interactive voice response, and video conferencing platforms. I’ve done ETN engineering analysis resolving complex network design, and operations issues such as traffic response, optimization, reliability, survivability, and disaster recovery in networks which included SATCOM, SONET, ATM,FRAME, IP and circuit and packet private line PTT links.I’ve performed fiscal management and alternative technology analysis, complex standards and tariff interpretation, new services development and special contract service arrangements.Have done the back-end, project and service management, and maintenance coordination for complex voice and data hardware and software in real world environments.And I’ve demonstrated the flexibility to master the dynamics of staying current in new technology so vital in handling next generation service requirements, bid management, and business development. This convinces me that I can contribute to the value chain of the telecom business model through partner management, relationship engagement, and product execution to drive a team to achieve measurable business results, and project deliverable success.


Broadly Experienced ICT Consultant

35 Years of Perspective, Experience, Leadership in ICT across multiple state-of-the-art globally converged business environments. A responsive professional, whose ethics, insight, initiative, conscientiousness, resourcefulness, quick learning and transfer of cross-functional cross-social team development skills form my foundation and core. Specialties: Understanding, articulating, and linking business requirements to technology implementation decisions in CALL CENTER / CONTACT CENTER, NETWORK ENGINEERING, OPERATIONS, SALES & MARKETING, MANAGEMENT, SYSTEMS SUPPORT, DOCUMENTATION, TRAINING, PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT, RIGHT-SOURCING. CTP #0169890 CONVERGED Solutions / Processes / Quality / Service / Profitability ( )




Work experience

May 2004Present



CONSULTANT at COSMICOM.NET capitalizing on familiarity with the many obscure USOC's needed to audit and optimize telecommunications invoicing for legacy services like CENTREX, MPLS, ISDN, etc. to proactively address and resolve discrepancies. Analysed and updated functionality recommending new services as necessary to ensure optimal cost effectiveness and effacacy  by comparing  current communications needs to installed plant to invoice,  then updated Telecom Expense and Management Systems and effectively coordinating between internal groups, telephone carriers, and telecom equipment vendors. Merge  network services with updated business strategies, blending analysis and requirements into new optimal solutions, then develop and implement best practices and procedures to assure efficient cost effective, secure, reliable platforms.

May 2002Apr 2004

Global VPN Manager Corporate Telecom

France Telecom SA

GLOBAL VPN MANAGER CORPORATE TELECOMfor Equant prior to and during the transition period it was being aquired by France Telecom. Responsible for solution design, implementation, network management, service management, escalation resolution for all voice faults in an integrated legacy GVS (Global Voice Service) and converged IPVPN (IP Virtual Private Network) environment. Responsible for Equant Service Management Tier 1 Network Operations targets for voice customers like SITA and Fortune 1000 clients through site interconnection, dial plan integration, PBX / VOFR / VOIP router implementation, and real-time operations management.

Jul 2000May 2002

Supervisor Corporate Telecom Solutions

SITA / Equant NV - Joint Venture

SUPERVISOR CORPORATE TELECOM SOLUTIONS internally recruited during creation of  the joint venture between SITA ('Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques') / Equant NV. Responsible for day-to-day operation management of legacy CVS (Corporate Voice Services). Designed and implemented multi-million dollar strategy to extend the functional life and reduce cost of the CVS thru migration from TDM to VOFR to VOIP. Designed and implemented the GCSC global Call Center network and platform across internal Nortel DMS / Nortel PBX / GVS and International PTT trunking

Jul 1998Jul 2000

Business Support Engineer / Network Support Engineer

Equant NV

BUSINESS SUPPORT ENGINEER / NETWORK SUPPORT ENGINEER for Equant Americas. Internally recruited for the launch of Equant and period thru the IPO. Provided technical pre-sales support, RFQ / RFI / RFP proposal and bid support, and post-sales operational support for complex voice, data communications, and office automation solutions for multi-national Fortune 1000 customers across all major market segments. Instrumental in the early customer acquisition, business pipeline, and revenue growth of the new public company Equant that rapidly became so successful it was aquired by France Telecom.

Jul 1996Jul 1998

Regional Voice Manager


REGIONAL VOICE MANAGER for SITA North America and Caribbean Region, global code ATLEVXS. Responsible for solution design, implementation, network management, project management, service management, escalation resolution for all GVS faults for SITA and its voice customers communications across ATM / IP / TDM network, and office automation platforms including PBX / VMX / VIDEO Conferencing. Performed fiscal and technological alternative analysis, complex standards and tariff interpretation, regional template, proposal, contract, and new services development.

Jul 1994Jul 1996

Senior Network Controller


SENIOR NETWORK CONTROLLER – for SITA responsible for smooth operation of all Type A / Type B / X400 network messaging platforms thru real-time management of systems at SITA Network Center Atlanta, major node on the core backbone. Frequently resolved complex network analysis and design issues requiring real-time traffic response optimization, and disaster recovery implementation in the global network which included links via SATCOM, SONET, ATM and leased long-haul private lines, X.25 and TDM circuits.

May 1985Jan 1995

Systems Designer II

SYSTEMS DESIGNER II for BellSouth Telecommunications provided technical sales support for design and implementation of complex telecommunications solutions to top tier customers like lnterexchange, Cellular, and Paging Carriers: Value Added and Enhanced Service Network Providers, and Fortune 100 Corporations.Expertise demonstrated in trunking, switching, signaling, translations, billing, and interworking technologies for Computers, PBX'S, Intelligent Peripherals, and Central Office Switches by promotion from Systems Designer I, numerous awards and citations for the key role played in significant sales and special projects such as BellSouth’s CABS separation, ISDN, SS7, FTS2000, 800 Database, and AIN rollouts. Cited President’ Club, Achiever’s Club, BellSouth International for presentations to VIP'S.

Jan 1984May 1985

Account Executive

AT&T Communications Inc.

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE for AT&T Communications Select Account Sales Center. Responsible for customer and account management of a module of Aerospace and Data Processing accounts.Planned and executed a strategy which increased the revenue of a $7 million dollar base over 25%.Won an ‘Eagle’ significant sale award for design and sale of the company's first application of 800 Call Prompter service in the United States. Recruited back to BellSouth for expertise in FCC#1, NECA, and CABS.

May 1981Dec 1983

Service Consultant

SERVICE CONSULTANT for Southern Bell responsible for customer service interface and implementation of CENTREX, PBX, and Network services for local, regional and national accounts.Promoted to Account Executive and moved to AT&T Communications during divestiture.


CTP - Convergence Technologies Professional

TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association