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Work experience


EP Entertainment Partners

I worked as an extra on set for one part on the Grimm television show that airs on NBC. This was another great experience to be on set and see the workings behind the camera.  

I also enjoyed getting to act and would love to try it out again.  

Internship Set PA

Electric BT Productions, inc.

Worked on an internship with this company for about five days. Learned a lot about big budget set production. 

I also got to meet and work with a lot of great people that work on the show Leverage.   It was a very big eye opening experience for me.  I would very much like to do more internship work like this. 





Adobe Primmer
Adobe Photo Shop
Adobe After FX
Final Cut Pro
Camera and other film set work.


Currently seeking employment into an entry level position the film and video production industry. I'm very willing to start low and work my way to the top. Please see resume for qualifications.     


Hello, My name is Mike. I'm a student/amateur film maker. I'm currently looking to put the film and video production certificate I received from Portland Community College to work.

I'm hard working and have a good basic knowledge the inner workings on set as well as both pre and post production.   As much as I love working on set I love to edit more that's where my passion is.  

I have professional training in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe After Effects, as well as camera, lighting and other on set  work.   Many of my projects included narrative, documentary, and musical montage. 

As of right now I work a retail job and would very much like to come work for you! Free me from my captive bonds and let me create life for you.  

As for a little background on myself. I have a great love for Japanese culture and have some basic knowledge of the Japanese language. I also like to play video games in my free time as well as visit with friends and family. 


I have many interests.  I'm a big nerd and gamer.  The obvious is I love film. I love filming, editing, working on set and all the great pre and post production work I can get.

In my free time I enjoy playing video games watching anime (Japanese Animation) reading and drawing manga, studying Japanese language and Japanese culture among many other things.