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Work History


Bilingual Teacher 

Consejeria de Educación. Comunidad de Madrid

I am currently empoyee of Comunidad de Madrid in CEIP Ramón y Cajal. I am teaching Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, English and Arts and Crafts. 

Aug 2008Jun 2016

Spanish teacher

Barbe Elemantary-Calcasieu Parish School Board

I work as a Spanish teacher and bilingual  coordinator of Loiusiana  Department of Education. I also work as a presenter in different national conferences and teacher in-services of foreign language education and technology.

Jan 2004Jun 2006

International Logistic Manager

Rebublic Sport Services

I was in charged of coordinate sports events and all duties related to customer service utilizing Spanish and English for logistics purposes. This job requires a great leadership skills and be able to multitask and have an excellent people skills.

Oct 2002Sep 2004

Sports Coach and Swimming instructor

Diputacion de Segovia

Helping people participating in sports to work towards achieving their full potential and a healthy style of live.


Sep 2012Dec 2014

Master in Education-Technology and Leadership

McNeese State University. Lake Charles, La. USA

This program is recognized by International Society for Technology (ISTE), an international accreditation recognition organization.  The program develops strategies to implement innovative techniques and strategies through technology-rich classrooms or technology leaders at school or district levels.

Sep 2003Jul 2004

Specialist in Physical Education and Sports Coaching

University of Valladolid

Post-Graduate studies in sports coaching


Teacher Training

I am an active presenter of different conferences throughout United States related to technology, web 2.0 tools, teacher training and languages.

Flexible and multi task
I am a flexible person who can easily adapt to different work contexts and I am used to deal with different people from other nationalities and cultures.
Technology and Leadership

I presented in different conferences of technology and teaching strategies for foreign language teachers. Some conferences I have participated as a speaker are LACUE (New Orleans, LA. 2013), LDOE (Baton Rouge, LA. 2013-14), LFLTA (Shreveport, LA. 2014), SCOLT (Atlanta, Ga. 2015)

Classroom Management
My gruop of students vary from one class to another and I have the skills to manage the classroom and lead students with different characteristics and skills.
Team work skills

E-learning experience through Blackboard, Edmodo and Moodle

I teach Spanish as a second language in the US, in elementary schools K8, developing the main four skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening.


Jan 2013Present

Technology Facilitator & Educational Technology Leader

McNeese State University

This certification provides advanced preparation for specializing in technology education, management, and teacher/staff development trainingin in varied applications, including the following: instructional design and technology, human performance technology, training development and evaluation, and E-Learning.

Oct 2002Present

Certified Spanish Teacher K12- United States 

Spanish Ministry of Education (Spain)-Louisiana Dep of Education(USA)

My certificate is addressed to teach in elementary schools and middle schools up to 8 grade. My majors are focused in English and Spanish as a second language. I am also certified in PE.

Feb 2001Present

National Swimming Instructor

Royal Spanish Federation of Swimming Instructors/Coaches
This certificate allows you to train/coach people of all ages and abilities to develop swimming skills and techniques, or exercise in water.

Work Offers

I am interested in any work position related to my educational field or professional background. I will consider international offers and college  positions.