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Courses Taught

  • 6th Grade Mathematics according to the Common Core Learning Standards
    • Plus Academic Intervention Classes for students with learning difficulties
  • 9th Grade Regents Algebra
    • Plus Academic Intervention Classes for students with learning difficulties
  • 9th Grade Accelerated Regents Geometry

Educational Philosophy

            My teaching philosophy works to ensure that all students I come into contact with leave my classroom with content knowledge and the inspiration to continue in their educational endeavors.I have come to realize that every class and every student is different and has their own sets of abilities and needs. My mission is to provide a sound education for all of these students and to tie what they learn in the classroom with what they will experience in the real world.

One of the most important aspects to my philosophy of teaching is that the students need to take on an active role in the classroom setting. This will ensure that they are learning how the material impacts their everyday lives and will teach the students responsibility and accountability. I believe in the constructivist approach that says the teacher is the facilitator of learning and that the real learning takes place as the students study issues, develop hypotheses, and use their knowledge and resources to find the best possible solutions. I also believe that the curriculum should be integrated across a wide variety of subjects so they can see how, for example, math relates to science or to social studies. Allowing students to study material that is relevant to their lives and giving students an active role and choice in their learning will increase the enthusiasm and drive to become better educated.

On the other hand, I am not naïve to the fact that there do exist standards and state tests, where students are expected to know information concerning the content’s key ideas. These tests are vital not only to the student’s ability to graduate but also to the teacher and school district’s reputation. That is why it will be important to balance authentic activities and assessments with traditional work because students will need to be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the central ideas to the content. I believe that one method of teaching cannot replace the other because we as teachers want the students to enjoy the learning but also realize the curriculum is packed with information the state requires the students to know.

My final beliefs rest with my interaction with the students. I want my classroom to be a place of learning where the students enjoy the teacher, each other, and the content. However, I also want them to understand that I have very high expectations for them and that I expect they will do their best work each day. I will offer plenty of feedback concerning their assignments and work one on one with any student who seems to be struggling. I also will work to challenge those students who seem to be more gifted than the others. Finally, I will ensure that my classroom is a place where the students are unafraid to ask or answer questions because no one will make fun of anyone else. As long as the students know they are cared for and are respected within the class, they will open up and share their knowledge with everyone.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

6th Grade Math Teacher

Rush-Henrietta Central School District

Currently teaching four sections of Grade 6 Mathematics according to the Common Core Learning Standards. One of the classes is co-taught with a special education teacher and consists of 18 students, 13 of which have either an IEP or a 504 plan. Lessons are differentiated to meet the learning needs of all of my students. i use a mix of direct instruction cooperative group learning and inquiry based learning in my classroom. I provide my students opportunities to use technology and have created a website that students use for reinforcement and extra practice.

My Classroom Webpage

Sep 2012Present

JV Soccer Coach

Rush-Henrietta Central School District
Mar 2013Present

JV Golf Coach

Rush-Henrietta Central School District
Sep 2010May 2012

9th Grade Math Teacher

Rush-Henrietta Central School District

In my first year of teaching I taught 3 sections of Grade Level Regents Algebra. Each class consisted of students who had learning and emotional difficulties, learners whose second language was English, and students who were noted by the district as in danger of dropping out of school. On the Algebra Regents exam, 92% of my students passed and earned credit for graduation. In my second year of teaching, I co-taught a section of Algebra with a majority of students having a IEP or 504 Plan. I also taught two sections of accelerated Regents Geometry during which I used several discovery and inquiry based approaches to meeting the learning needs of my students. I very frequently utilized technology in my classroom to facilitate the instruction. During that year, 95% of my Algebra students and 100% of my Geometry students passed the Regents to earn credit for graduation.

Professional Papers/Presentation

My Résumé


Sep 2012Present

Master's Degree

University of Albany
Sep 2006May 2010

Bachelors of Science

Roberts Wesleyan College

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude with an Honor's Diploma
  • Nominated to Alpha Kappa Sigma Honor Society for outstanding academic success
  • Nominated Who's Who Among College Students by professors
  • Academic All American during both the fall and spring semesters (soccer and golf)


Sep 2010Present

NYS Teaching Certification

Grade 5-12 Mathematics