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Creatively and strategically bring people and process together to optimize performance in organizations.


I have a solid healthcare background in both the products and services sectors as a manager, architect, and designer. My strengths lie in my abilities to strategically plan and execute. And even though I believe in business value, I just as much believe in the employees that help drive that value. My passion is for optimizing people and process in organizations so that they can become the best that they can be by helping them achieve their goals through strategically defined change, decision making and training programs. I have coached and mentored bright and talented people to build companies, departments, processes, and products. I am most happy when people are challenged to expand their limits allowing them to move to new heights and being successful.  

Work experience

Enterprise Process Lead / Coach

Spearhead and coordinate enterprise-wide program and project management re-engineering effort process development and deployment; lead recruitment, training/development, vendor relations, QA, compliance, and process re-engineering. Directed project management operations for numerous healthcare web projects. Supervise and propelled in-house and vendor development personnel to define technical solutions. 

  • Led technical program for company’s first member web-based healthcare product; program included IT systems development and deployment processes, vendor application service provider development, marketing, and customer support.
  • Led effort to re-engineer enterprise-wide project management processes to help achieve IT Sarbanes-Oxley compliance initiative.
  • Assessed issues for management training, developed content and performed training for over 250 IT professionals to ensure use of new processes and optimal communication.
  • Negotiated and managed vendor relationships to lower cost of delivering new products to market; managing and implementing joint venture and other products to meet customer requirements and revenue projections for integrated vendor solutions.
Jul 2009Nov 2009

Healthcare Consultant

Make Corporation
  • Hired to manage the migration of 190,000 members from UniCare to HCSC/Hallmark individual market segment as Wellpoint left the Illinois and Texas healthcare markets. 
  • Directed department heads of Accounting, Enrollment, Underwriting, Phone Support, IT Core Support, IT On-line Services, IT infrastructure and QA in the development of project strategy, goals and deliverables from initiation through operations.
  • Reported to CIO and COO of Hallmark and through strategy development completed project two months ahead of original schedule.
  • Developed strategy maps and process flows for technical and business functions including overall project strategy, letter and rider generation and premium transfer.
  • Coordinated timing and requirements of deliverables between Hallmark, Unicare and HCSC. 


Service Quest Network

Founded startup by devising business plan, obtaining investor funding, and establishing homeowner services business. Held direct oversight of sales channeling, legal compliance, resource management, and operations management. Cultivated and built relationships with marketing partners. 

  • Founded Company by devising business plan and securing $100,000 in investor funds. 
  • Cultivated and built relationships with local contractors, newspaper editors and staff, and township management.

  • Generated $80,000 in first year revenue by managing construction projects for owner investment properties. 

Manager, Project Planning and Control

Deloitte & Touche Tax Technologies

Orchestrated and led project lifecycles from inception, to planning, to closeout, overseeing deviations on the their plans throughout project lifecycles. Mentored and supported managers, project managers, and coordinators. Established project management and operations process and outlined integration processes and procedures. Devised and performed training on advanced project management initiatives. Oversaw staff, including work allocation, training and problem resolution; motivate employees to peak performance levels.

  • Created project planning and control office to coordinate and manage the product development and IT activities of the CorpTax division; resulted in decreased project overhead by 10% by implementation of project management guidelines and tools.
  • Mentored and supported managers, project managers, and coordinators; provided leadership to staff, including work allocation, training, and problem resolution.

  • Assessed requirement of training for advanced concepts of project managers resulting in the development and training materials, course and training for 100 consultants.

  • Sponsored development of project and accounting tools for senior management reporting; decreased administrative FTE headcount by two, direct reports 5 and managed budget of $8 million.


Manager, Technology and Planning

Carr Futures

Oversaw global teams in systems deployment, tool design & development, Lotus Notes configuration, as well as system maintenance and support. Directed 18 programmers as well as web-content providers, web-developers, systems and technology vendors. Served as SME and key internal contact coordinating internal and external legal counsel. Utilized Lotus Notes and Scitor's Project Scheduler and Project Communicator to deploy IT project office infrastructure, procedures, and tools.

  • Created project office to align technology initiatives between Company’s two strategic centers; financial operations (futures) and electronic business (economic, research and marketing).
  • Managed programming and infrastructure staff responsible for the maintenance of corporate Lotus Notes and AS400 systems and all new development of Electronic Commerce system.
  • Challenged direct reports to actively pursue departmental and company process and system improvements, which elevated employee morale and inter-departmental relations, created several new systems, and enhanced existing systems, and cross-functional relationships.
  • Directed several international development teams simultaneously during the development of new e-commerce web sites, intranet site, Lotus Notes configuration, mainframe, as well as ongoing system maintenance and support.
  • Managed ongoing vendor relationships with web-content providers, web-developers, systems and other technology vendors.
  • Ensured and approved technologies and systems were compatible across enterprise.
  • Key internal contact coordinating internal and external legal counsel to define and approve contracts and manage disputes with vendors.
  • Managed 18 direct reports, managed budget of $35 million.

Manager, Project and Finance

Tracked and managed critical projects, ensuring timely deliverables, satisfaction of client requirements, and coordination of resources. Verified quality issues, prescribed and oversaw implementation of countermeasures. Assessed, mitigated, and resolved deficiencies; strategically recommended corrective actions. Benchmarked and integrated systems; launched Project Workbench that supported 300+ technical staff and managers with scheduling, project status reporting, and goal planning.

  • Assessed budget and acquisition problems resulting in development in training materials and training of 30 managers and directors on financial and contractor acquisition processes.
  • Created project office department that consolidated project functions of finance, reporting, measurement, and vendor / process / resource management to increase management efficiency and cost reduction through decreased headcount of 5.
  • Reduced unjustified expenditures by over 30% by managing contractor requests for payment, overseeing annual departmental budget activity, and conducting mid-year expenditure forecasting.
  • Decreased penalty payments by 30% and planned expenditures of $300,000 by correcting outstanding invoicing issues and developing contract processes to ensure appropriate acquisition management of non-employee personnel.
  • Managed 8 direct reports and oversaw budget of $35 Million.
  • Created and developed process (and tool) to manage contract and off-source program billing from contract award to close of project.  Hired to resolve issue of no previous contractor over site resulting in an expense of $500MM;   vendors were initiating penalty payments to get management attention.  New process resulted in decrease of payment penalties and was adopted throughout IT.      
  • Performed vendor management on all contractor related issues and approved all contractor payments.
  • Consulted Information Systems and project managers in the development and evaluation of projects. 
  • Chartered to lead staff to direct and consult all project teams in project management including planning, scheduling, budgeting, project reporting, and vendor management. Reported directly to the Chief Technology Officer. 
  • Provided project management guidance and consultation to all project teams including assistance with planning, scheduling, budgeting, project reporting, and vendor management.
  • Performed department assessment using the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).
  • Led team that implemented processes for the Claims Department IT, project and finance office.
  • Led project process and financial review team in evaluation of potential claims outsourcing partner; resulted in purchase of company.    

Technical Architect

  • Originated and managed outsourcing of all value-added systems field support for HP and INTEL OEM equipment. Negotiated and managed all original and annual vendor contracts with internal legal council.  This included on site field site repair vendors, depot repair vendors, electrical and network installation contractors (union and non-union), logistics and transportation companies, and certified equipment vendors.
  • Worked closely with corporate officers, vendors and training departments to develop guidelines and processes to ensure that services that was performed aligned with FDA/cGMP, OSHA, Corporate Financial, Legal and Operational procedures and processes and contracts.  
  • Responded to need for reduced downtime requirement by setting up strategic distribution chain utilizing inventory depots and close vendor management/relationships domestically, which did not exist prior.
  • Visited outsourcing partners and customers monthly to review issues, concerns, and general health of the program. 
  • Outsourcing financial, call-center, and score-card program results were shared were with all corporate and operational sponsors on a semi-annual basis.  
  • Involved with all aspects of procurement from defining requirements with development and customers, RFP, vendor selection, purchase and inventory, and ongoing vendor relationships. 
  • Performed vendor audits on an ongoing and recurring basis. 
  • Led international product development team for a diagnostic assay development and distribution; functions included budget and finance, engineering, product manufacturing, reagent manufacturing, sales and marketing, standards, process and compliance, and clinical trials.  
  • Planned and managed field support system upgrades, installations, preventative maintenance visits, and system certifications in coordination with external customers, and internal corporate phone support staff and vendors.

Systems Engineer

  • Led department during corporate ISO9000 certification efforts.  We were rated second best engineering division, and first best in revenue production.
  • Designed, constructed, and implemented interrupt-driven stepper motor control routines for automated devices; designed hardware controllers and coded multiple assembly controllers and microprocessors. 
  • Designed multiple software programs for data management, user interface, and diagnostic product development.
  • Responsible for the design, programming, development, integration, and documentation of real-time embedded system Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Devices while keeping compliant with FDA regulations.
  • Performed business and requirements analysis with scientific community to develop unique assays for chemotherapy and post-operative treatments.

Pre-Production Electrical Engineer

  • Designed, developed, and implemented electronic hardware and software automated systems for commercial sewing equipment.
  • Programmed Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and assembler based controllers.
  • Designed wiring schematics using ORCAD, printed circuit board layout using SMARTWORK, and enclosure and wiring diagrams using AUTOCAD.
  • Met with vendors to identify parts and sub-assemblies for in-design systems.Developed RFC's/RFP's, analyzed proposals and awarded contracts for long-term contracts on parts and sub-assemblies for production systems.    



IT Architect
Project Management
Vendor Managament
Management of People
Business Process Management (BPM)




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