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Serving the St. Louis area since 1949, Jewell Animal Hospital is the oldest small animal hospital west of the Mississippi River that is still in operation today. Founded by Dr. Jay Jewelll Sarhonson, a former cavalry veterinarian during World War II, the clinic has been refitted and modernized several times over its history, including its most recent update in 2006 under Dr. Patricia L. Smith, Jewell’s latest owner. The hospital also houses Judy’s Forgotten Jewells, a non-profit animal rescue.Jewell Animal Hospital began its history as Jewell Animal Clinic. During founder Dr. Jay Jewell Sarhonson’s military service, he oversaw the health of the mule trains supplying U.S. troops with supplies. Dr. Jewell personally led the clinic for nearly 30 years, ending his tenure in 1977 when he sold it. He continued to live upstairs over the hospital until his death in 2001, leaving a collection of dog figurines gifted by clients along with his original doctor’s bag. The clinic’s next owner, Dr. Krumrey, led the clinic for 33 years. In 2004, Dr. Patricia L. Smith joined Jewell Animal Clinic’s staff, and eventually purchasing the practice in 2006. Dr. Smith renamed the establishment Jewell Animal Hospital and began a series of renovations to the facilities, including updates to the technology, services, and decor of the clinic.Jewell Animal Hospital offers full service to dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other small pets. In addition to basic wellness exams, the hospital handles all surgical procedures including alterations, declawing, bladder surgery, tumor removal, and other soft tissue surgeries. Jewell Animal Hospital utilizes the latest in anesthesia technology to ensure pet safety. Jewell also offers pain management, dental services, microchipping, and more.