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A Full Stack Web/Mobile Application Developer with more than five years of solid experience in a variety of web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular.js, Ionic 2, Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, and Wordpress, as well as experience in AWS, Heroku etc. Among my recent accomplishments, I developed a couple of Single Page Applications in RESTful API architecture based on AWS and other VPS services. I always like to code where optimization is matter, need to define a solution/algorithm and scalability is required. Having worked remotely for the last five years, I am a self-motivated and proactive developer who loves to step up to new challenges.


Front End (HTML/CSS)

I create pixel perfect responsive websites from PSD where I use bootstrap mostly to make my work easier and I do my own codes as always when necessary. Also, I'm proficient in CSS pre-processor like Sass and front end optimization tools Grunt/Gulp.


Over 4 years I have been working on JavaScript which has become my
favorite language right now. I've worked on both client and server
side JavaScript to build web applications. Also I'm fluent in using jQuery and its plugins.


This is what my love for JavaScript has increased. I've started with Angular 1.x but now actively developing apps in version 2 which makes the development more fun to me. 

Ionic Framework

I use ionic 2 framework to create native mobile apps using web technologies for both iOS and android.


I started working on Node.js project three years ago and developed
couples of projects using MEAN (MongoDB, Angular.js, Express.js,
Node.js) stack. I really love the power of Node.js and how it works. I
was too curious about developing API but it just makes it lot easier.


Well, this is my first language by which I started developing for the
web. I have been developing PHP applications for over 5 years now
and develop most of my projects in it. I have also worked on several
projects based on WordPress CMS.


I used to create Wordpress theme at my early stage of web development career. I have practical experience working with Wordpress functionalities, action hooks and other APIs to create / customization themes and plugins.

Server Administration

I have been setting up and managing Linux servers for the last couple
of years. I configure the necessary stacks for the deployment of work.
I'm very much familiar with AWS services where I can set up all
required tasks to deploy codes.

Version Control / Git

I use Git as my everyday tools for my work projects. I am also used to
using Git flow for development.

Misc. Skills

I'm not particularly expert on these but I've basic experience with them:

  • React.js, Laravel Framework
  • C/C++, Java
  • Native Android Mobile App Development
  • WebSocket, WebRTC

Work History

Oct 2016Present

Full Stack Developer

Local Staffing LLC

I mostly do Wordpress sites management (Including theme and plugin), Laravel front-end development, Mobile apps development using Ionic 2, Landing pages, email templates and front-end customizations along with Server management (WHM, cPanel).

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Chief Technical Officer


I've developed their online laundry shop web application previously in MEAN stack. Now I'm working here to improve it further more with new features and functionalities. As a full stack developer, My responsibility is to maintain everything from the front end to the server side.

Nov 2014Jul 2015

Software Engineer

Agent Graphics

I have mainly worked on company business platform to handle both client and server side work as well as the server which has hosted on amazon ec2. For the client side I've used Angular.js and at the back-end it's PHP. It is a very rich single page application which is working on RESTful API architecture. It was the most challenging work for me that I've ever done before but I enjoy it when I see it works great at the end!

As part of company work, I've developed many responsive websites for the client based on requirements.

Nov 2013Nov 2014

Network Security and Server Administrator

Dreamboat Enterprises

I worked as a full-stack web developer to manage all of the websites hosting and installation after my previous contract ended with this company. My tasks are included to check the server and website security, website upgrade, script installation, server management etc. Most of the time I worked on setting up clients website on the server and then installing and customizing WordPress templates for them. Also, I did set up google apps for their business.

Feb 2013Nov 2013

Head of Development

Dreamboat Enterprises

This was really a big challenge for me to work on a big project with some of the talented people around. My tasks were to manage my project and develop it with other developers remotely. We used GIT for version controlling and project management tools like (Trello, Wrike etc.) I also managed their Linux CentOS based dedicated web server to control all of the websites hosting and other technical support.

May 2012Oct 2013

Web Developer

Port Networks

Port Networks is a privately held, Baltimore-based Wi-Fi internet service provider. I worked for them to develop their websites both front-end and back-end which is hosted on their own Ubuntu server. My most remarkable task was to develop their Wi-Fi store locator by using google maps API v3 and HTML5 Geo-location API. I also developed their mobile friendly web site along with all of the features from the main site.

Feb 2010May 2012

Web Developer

Creative Xpress

While working with this company of ours I designed and developed websites in Wordpress and core PHP. My areas of responsibilities were to create project estimation, manage development process, and server side installation. Usually, my tasks were to built websites from the scratch according to clients requirements. Initially provided them design mock-ups and after approving started work on design. Also provided them hosting and management services.


Jun 2013Oct 2017

BSc. in Computer Science & Engineering

Southern University Bangladesh
Sep 2008Nov 2012

Diploma in Engineering Computer Science & Technology

Institute of Computer Science & Technology
Aug 2002Apr 2004

Higher Secondary Certificate

Noakhali Govt. College
Jan 1997March 2002

Secondary School Certificate

Mohammad Pur Ramendra Model High School