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travel, reading, cultures, cuisine, cooking, finance, economics, technology, skiing,cycling, running, swimming


Utilize my formal education, instruction experience, computer literacy, data analysis skills and well-rounded cultural exposure to cultivate positive life changing skills and growth within our community.


Core Values and Skills
Execute programmatic decisions based on a body of evidence to  facilitate the most effective outcome Implementation of professional development, programs, interventions and initiatives Almost a decade of case management, qualitative and quantitative data analysis,  content and program development Employ multiple task execution strategies through the use of various technology applications Constant pursuit of equity for all kids and a higher ethic of excellence Deliver high-interest and technology rich presentations to the education community Trainer of Trainers through the Center for Applied Linguistics Bilingual Spanish/English   

Work experience


Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Teva Representative and Endorsement Coordinator

Requisitioned during the worldwide Teva Spirit of Unity Tour as technical representative and promotions liaison for tour producers in thirty different states in the United States.

Aug 2011Present

Data Partner

Denver Public Schools

Quantitative and Qualitative student achievement assessement. Administrative data and assessment support. Instructor effectiveness liaison.

Aug 2009Jun 2010

Terakki Foundation Schools


Exclusively used the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages while instructing 8th grade ELA classes in the heart of Istanbul. Worked with a team of seven teachers to collaboratively provide rigorous instruction to students in their fifth year of English language acquisition.

Aug 2007Aug 2008

Silverton School of Expeditionary Learning

Educator/Curriculum Development/Case Management

Instructed full time K-12 levels and abilities of ELA students and Spanish for native and non-native Spanish speakers. Developed program and curriculum for TEFL and Spanish. The non-native Spanish speakers class was one of the first of its kind to incorporate in-depth cultural expeditions using the Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound philosophy of instruction.

Aug 2001Aug 2006

Summit Middle School

Educator/Curriculum development/Case Management

 As a curriculum developer, caseload manager and teacher I was expected to observe, assess, and evaluate students' and colleagues' exam performance, adequate yearly progress, language skills and abilities, lesson plans, interventions, lessons, daily teaching and learning practices based on the benchmarks, guidelines, policies, leveling systems and procedures outlined by the Colorado Department of Education English Language Acquisition Unit. I managed case loads of up to 90 English Language Learners for the school and district. I Instructed full time as an IB instructor with mixed grade levels and abilities of ELA students and Spanish for Native Speakers. Developed program and curriculum for both TEFL classes as well as Spanish for Native Speakers.

Jan 1993May 1993

Tungland Corporation

Residential Care Manager

Observed and monitored developmentally disadvantaged adults in a group living arrangement. Provided emotional and motivational support for completion of daily chores and activities. Reported observation to administration and suggested interventions or alternative methods for increased productivity in completing tasks.


May 2001Aug 2001


Escuela Del Mundo


Various Certifications



Bill Baker

Bill and I worked in the same school district for several years. Bill was inspirational in that he had so many wonderful alternatives to the typcial bahavoiour management systems. He guided me and unofficially mentored me for several years. Our relationship  galvanized and we spent many days/weeks skiing, cycling and backcounty traveling together. He has always provided wonderful insight.

Adam Druckman

I have known Adam since my years at university when Teva Sport Sandals was in its infancy. We had both worked for the owner of the company at various capacities. At that time Adam had first hired me to work for him. Adam moved on to work with Deckers, the company that enventually purchased the small sandal company. Later he had hired me again to work with Deckers. He has been an inspiration to me in life and work.

Mark Clark

Mark Clark was my first employer in the education field. He was the man that inspired me and directed me during my first crucial years of teaching. He is a dedicated teacher and he was, perhaps, my most influential administrator.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce and I have known one another for just shy of 20 years. We went to university together and have always lived pretty close to one another since that time. We generally stay in touch and keep tabs on each other. He is a sound and logical individual with a sense of calm that I have always admired.