Valhalla High School

I am a Junior at Valhalla High School with an over all GPA of 3.80. I plan to take my SAT and ACT at the next testing dates and i am reaching for scores of 1600-1800 and a 25 or above. I have taken honors and AP classes since my freshmen year and plan to for all four years. I have also takes three AP tests, receiving a 3 on AP World History and im currently waiting for scores on the APUS History and AP Language exams. I try to my best abilities because i believe academics are not only important to be accepted into good colleges, but serve as discipline to create life habits and obligations.

Classes Taken:

12th Grade

AP Environmental Science, AP Government/Economics, Pre-Calculus, Senior English, Psychology 

11th Grade

AP Language and Composition, AP United States History, Alegebra 2, Chemistry, Advanced Choir, Peer Tutor

10th Grade

AP World History, Honors English, Honors Geometry, Biology, Spanish 5/6, Dance

9th Grade

Pre-AP Geography, Pre-AP English, Spanish 3/4, General Science, P. E.