Jessica Horton

Jessica Horton


Extra-Curricular Activities

I love to be involved with the school and participate in many things. I have played four sports throughout high school; tennis, gymnastics, water polo, and swim. I received best offensive player sophomore year and mvp my junior year in water polo, along with my varsity team winning the CIF Division 2 championship as well as the Grossmont League champions with a record of 10-0. Aside from my own sports, i attend numerous games and meets for other sports such as tennis, volleyball, football, basket ball, baseball and more. I enjoy seeing my schools teams play and love to provide support for the teams. I joined the Key Club and participate in all the school spirit events throughout the year.

Interests and Community Service


There are not many things in my life that i don't become interested in but there are a handful that stick out. A large part of my life is absorbed in sports and I take a strong interest in playing with my teammates. A majority of my free time is spent in sports but I wouldn't change that. I love being observant over others which includes people watching and paying attention to the details and dispositions of others. Observing my surrounding environment is fascinating to me and i can do it for hours on end. Along with observing others, i like to sit down and spend time just simply thinking, where never get tired of all the places my mind can take me and how I can be so absorbed in my thoughts. Over most of my hobbies, i basically become interested in any activity that gets my adrenaline pumping. I am a daredevil and am open to anything that results in a fun time.

Community Service:

Inside school I take a class where i get to tutor and help kids with special needs. I enjoy working with these kids and the whole year I have been able to become closer and help them better themselves academically and personally. Outside of school i have participated in many service events such as sailing classes for children with autism, building playgrounds, cleaning up the outdoors, volunteering at senior homes, and vacation bible schools. In my church I am involved in daycare with younger children, mission trips, and anything the church needs volunteers for. I also love to mix community service with sports where I help my coaches by working on the pool deck throughout the boys season by working the score tables or snack bar.



Valhalla High School

I am a Junior at Valhalla High School with an over all GPA of 3.80. I plan to take my SAT and ACT at the next testing dates and i am reaching for scores of 1600-1800 and a 25 or above. I have taken honors and AP classes since my freshmen year and plan to for all four years. I have also takes three AP tests, receiving a 3 on AP World History and im currently waiting for scores on the APUS History and AP Language exams. I try to my best abilities because i believe academics are not only important to be accepted into good colleges, but serve as discipline to create life habits and obligations.

Classes Taken:

12th Grade

AP Environmental Science, AP Government/Economics, Pre-Calculus, Senior English, Psychology 

11th Grade

AP Language and Composition, AP United States History, Alegebra 2, Chemistry, Advanced Choir, Peer Tutor

10th Grade

AP World History, Honors English, Honors Geometry, Biology, Spanish 5/6, Dance

9th Grade

Pre-AP Geography, Pre-AP English, Spanish 3/4, General Science, P. E.