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I have always been interesting in learning about health promotion and medical care. I am a mother and wife, and my passion for understanding the body and the ways to keep it a fined tuned machine were through learning. Nursing in specific topics such as Maternal/Newborn, pediatric and trauma are my main interests. Aside from nursing, I am an avid tournament fisher and book reader.


My career objective is to learn to be a well rounded nurse that understands patients needs physically, emotionally and spiritually. I want to be a nurse who understands the complete pathophysiology of my patient's diseases and is able to teach patient's realistic and goal oriented tasks to help promote wellness. My passion will be to grow as a nurse and learn from my patients so that I can be the best nurse I am capable of being.

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Patient Care Technician

Texas Health Resources

My job description entails working directly with RN's in triage and in Emergency rooms. Establishing and charting vitals, hourly rounding, running EKG tests, laceration irrigation, assisting physician in pelvic examinations, assisting during codes, creating orthotic casts, patient teaching, gathering laboratory specimens, drawing blood, perform visual acuity tests, swab patients for strep and flu, gather patient information and report any information to RN, charting on all procedures.


Aug 2011Present

Associate Degree Nursing

Weatherford College

09/2011 – 12/2011

Successful completion of first semester of clinical rotations at Kindred Southwest Hospital in Fort Worth, TX.

During clinical rotations I was able to establish vitals, administer oral and injectable medications, complete head to toe assessments and perform basic patient care needs. I enjoyed the fast paced atmosphere of direct patient care as well as the knowledge I gained from the RN's. It was very wonderful for me to help others in need of care.

01/2012 – 05/2012

·Adult medical surgical clinicals at LifeCare Hospital in Fort Worth TX.

I performed basic patient care, medication administration, head to toe assessments , initiated IV therapy, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, patient charting, and patient education.

      Care of Child Bearing Families Clinical at Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX.

Experienced rotations between newborn nursery, postpartum and labor and delivery. Assisted nurse with any patient needs. Performed assessments on laboring mother before during after birth, postpartum patients, and newborns, drug administration, fetal monitoring, foley and intravenous starts and basic patient care needs.


Adult and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing rotations at Cook Children's Medical Center, Trinity Springs, and North Texas State Hospital. During rotations I was able to observe, notate and interact with patients with mental health disorders. I was able to follow them throughout their day and participate in activities with the patient during their daily routine.


Pediatric Clinical Rotations at Cook Children's Medical Center, School Nurse Observations at W.T. Francisco Elementary, State Vision and Hearing Screenings at Trinity Springs Christian Academy and observation at Kinder Frogs TCU. During these pediatric rotations I was able to observe and in some cases use nursing interventions to treat and screen children and infants. I spent time in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit of Cooks and was able to assist with extubations, suctioning and recording vitals on post operative patients. I participated in screening, weighing, taking blood pressure and charting students hearing vision BMI and blood pressure at Trinity Springs Christian academy. During school nurse rotations I assisted the school nurse with vision and hearing screenings, charting incoming sick patients, assisted with lice checks and did a presentation to grades 2-4 over health promotion and brushing teeth.

Advanced Med Surg Clinical at Texas Health Harris Southwest in Fort Worth, TX included a great learning opportunities in day surgery where I started IV's, the ICU where I assisted nurses with critical patients and the Progressive Care Unit, where I spent time with several patients throughout the day assisting with overcoming illness. Some of the skills I was able to continue during this time included IV starts, IV therapy, medication administration, head to toe assessments, charting, hourly rounding, assisting with feedings, I also was proactive in rotating patients, ambulating patients possible and assisted my nurse with all patient care needs.


I am beginning my Preceptorship at Texas Health Harris Southwest in the Intensive Care Unit

May 2010May 2011

Hill College

During my year at Hill College, I was placed on the Dean's List for academics in the Fall Semester of 2010. In the Spring of 2011 I was placed on both the Dean's and President's List for academics.


Sep 2012Dec 2017

Hearing and Audiometric Equipment

Texas Department of State Health Services
Sep 2012Dec 2017

Vision Screening

Texas Department of State Health Services
May 2011May 2013


American Heart Association