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Apr 2009Present

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

I have taken part in two CCAs in Ngee Ann Poly: Compassionate Youth in Action and Poly Stage F' Actor.


Mayflower Secondary School

Holding the post of a student counsellor for five consecutive years, I have been exposed to many leadership challenges. For instance, I have been one of the community in organising Teachers' Day event on 2007 and involved actively in Orietation Programmes for the newly enrolled Secondary One students every year.

I noticed that I have become more outgoing as initiative and enthusiatic are enhanced in me when I participate numerous school event. 

I was the vice-president for my CCA- Media and Publication in 2007. Many people think that being in this club is a waste of time, however, it is not. Instead, I have engaged on many publication projects such as creating newsletter, posters, display, noticeboard and etc. In addition, it has also teaches me on basic IT skill such as microsoft words, microsoft publisher and etc.

Jan 2000Jan 2003

Anderson Primary

I have been in my volleyball school team and represented it in various competitions.

Work experience

Dec 2008Present


V8 Movie cafe

Proactiveness and initiative are greatly enhanced in me as I need to learn how to approach and serve my customers appropriately based on their requirements. As a result, I learned to be more decisive on my decisions to serve them quickly and effeciently based on their requests. Not only do I serve customers, I am also learning cashiering to handle basic bills payment. Good working relationship is also bulid with my collegues and as a result, extended my social circle too.

In addition, I have learned to manage my emotions as some customers may be unreasonable in a certain way. However, I choose to press on and take it as a lesson learned and prevent such cases from repeating. I feel that I have grow up through this job as I learned to perceives things in a different light.


Singapore Accounting Academy

This job has helped me to open up to meeting many new people daily as I would need to attend queries of the students. In addition, most of the students come from overseas and hence it challenge me to build up my communication skills in order to better understand their needs.


Pepes Restaurant

Though I have prior experience working in Food and Beverage industry, this job has helped to bring me to the next level of providing professional servicing to the customers.

I was taught the skill of building mutual rapport with my customers and take this opportunity to let them enjoy their dining there. For example, I would provide the some ingredients of the dish so that the customers could feedback in time if they have any allergic or food preferences against it.

Oct 2007Dec 2007

Admin Assistant

UOB Toa Payoh Hub

I have been experienced in a real-life working life such as handling relationships and solving problems by myself.

My job field

- data entry

- managing bank statements

- organising brochures

- faxing of company documents.

I have learnt to be more proactive and self-reliance and gaining of skills such as IT and communication.


Hello! I am Jessie and 19 this year. I am open to new challenges as it can expand my horizon.



I enjoys sports such as cycling, volleyball and badminton. I am also an "indoor" person as i love to DIY stuffs and surfing nets.One of my greatest wishes in life is to travel around the world in cool-weather countries such as Europe and London but also to culture-rich countries like Japan and korea.



Edusave Scholarship

Kebun Baru Grassroots Organizations

Merit Award for Leadership

Mayflower Secondary School

Academic Award

Mayflower Secondary

National Youth Achievemnt Award (Bronze)

National Youth Achievemnt Award Singapore

Certificate of Participation

The Straits Times Media Club

Certificate of Facilitator

Mayflower Secondary