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Personal Statement

Media has heavily influenced my life. The industry has developed a technique to subconsciously influence the way we live our lives. My judegment surrounding the media and its production has allowed me to further my knowledge within this field, and I wish to expand my knowledge further. My passion for media and advertising partly comes from society, as I believe the media and press dictate the way in which we perceive things subliminally. The power of advertising, the way it is structured facinates me, as there are many forms of imagery that can be created to reach out to the audiences from campaigns, billboards, magazines and websites. My experience at college has allowed me to develop many skills such as animation, working to a brief, working within a production team, indesign and website design.These projects have given me logical information on different techniques that I can use in future works and am able to comfortably use software such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshot and Indesign. My experience at college gave me a sense of confidence to start networking with others who appreciate media. Photography is a huge passion of mine, it allows me the ability to express myself in a creative and positive way. I enjoy every assignment and take it as a personal challenge to undertake it to the best of my ability and produce a successful project.

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Bar Staff

Seen Nightclub

I have recently taken on a second job, to earn additional income. My main job role is bar staff, working in a group of people and enjoy the social aspects.

Sep 2009Present

Office Junior - Marketing

EFCIS Limited

EFCIS Ltd is a company that specialises in credit insurance in over 25 countries. The jobs which I undertake are general admin duties, recently I have been assisting with marketing to create a quaterly corporate newsletter. This is issued to prospects, clients and introducers and features articles by EFCIS by specialist and stategic partners. The newsletter is informative with a view to provoking discussion on various topics.

Oct 2009Present



 I started working at Staples, when I first attended college for a Saturday job. Present here I have worked my way up in the company,  and have become available to new learning experiences such as working with products and how to make them sell, achieving sales targets and being trained by Staples own system 'Easy way', which gives you the knowledge of comfortable selling for each individual. I was awarded with a customer service award which was given to the individual who performed most out of the year. Working with many products such as software, I am capable of being confident of which software is best suited to its individual tasks.

Media Portfolio


Sep 2009Sep 2011

National Diploma

Harlow College

The Triple Distinction Grade ( equivalent of  3 A*  A-Levels ) and currently retaking Mathematics GCSE.

Sep 20052009


Mark Hall School

English Literature - B

English Language - C


Music - C

Maths - D

Double Science - E

Business - D

Geography - C

History - D