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Work experience

Mar 2014Jun 2014

farmer and housekeeper

Kangaroo and Wombat shelter

I worked for 3 months near Waga waga as a farmer and housekeeper. My job was to clean the house, do the washing, grocery shopping, and feed the kangaroo's before I had to go to the farm, at the farm I did diffrent things like feeding, the cows, bulls,  horses and sheep, and tag/spray the lam and calfs. I would go to the house an hour earlier to prepare the meals and after dinner was served I made sure that the kangaroo's and wombats where alright and all the gates where locked. I had my weekends and nights off but most of the time i was babysitting our neigbours kids or helping them with their homework. 

Feb 2012Sep 2013

Production employee

Kwekerij Wouters

This is the largest wholesale nursery in Europe that supplies plants and flowers to florist around Europe. My job was to prepare the plants before they left. This involved cleaning them, potting them, putting them in sleeves and preparing orders. It was a physical job as the plants could weight up 20 kgs.

Aug 2010Jun 2012

Waitress, Receptionist, hostess

Restaurant het Wapen van Ens

I began as a waitress/receptionist at this restaurant, taking orders and payment as well as serving food and drinks to tables. After a while I trained to be a hostess for parties and meetings. This was a very demanding role that involved every part of running a function. Including set up, meet and greet, waitressing, customer service and clean up afterwards. 

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Fast food Employee

Rogers place

This is a fast food restaurant serving hot chips, burgers, and dutch fried dishes etc as well as ice-crea,s. I took orders , cooked, served and cleaned. Also had a lot of cash handling


Sep 2010Apr 2012

Deltion college (university in the Netherlands)

Studied here for 2 years and learnt all aspects of customer service in the restaurant industry including  food, wine and how to deal with people

Sep 2006May 2010

Sales and trade

Bonifatius mavo and Emelwerda College

The main classes include Sales and Trade, Administration, Economics, Math,  English, Dutch and work experience. While building up our work experience i worked from the 7th of may till the 20th of may 2009 at Restaurant het Wapen van Ens, And from 12th till the 16th of october 2009 and every friday afternoon from the 30th of october 2009 till the 26th of march 2010. 


Selina Spekschate - van der Veeken, office manager

Kwekerij Wouters T.A.V Selina Spekschate - van der Veeken. Jessica Jansen [email protected]

Skills, personality & interest

- Fluent in Dutch

- Extensive experience with computers. Including Windows and the Microsoft office software.

- Excellent communication skills.

- Plenty of cash handling.

- I am a people person and build relationships quickly and easily.

- Time management is important to me and I always arrive on time of not early.

- Flexible in regards to hours/days.

- Hardworking, ambitious and result focused.

- Very patient and can handle stressful situations with ease.

- Enjoy swimming, fitness, reading, travel/culture, cooking.