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Problem Solving
My ability to make decisions decisively based on my cognitive complexity has granted me the attribute of being able to find solutions and solve problems by taking in all information to produce an outcome best fit for the situation. Furthermore, when solving a problem I utilize my ability to tailor my message to better accommodate to the receiver, better relieving a situation when describing the solution outcome. 
Utilize my ability to create fresh, relevant ideas to achieve desired outcomes for an organization. With my educational background and recently graduating with a bachelor's in strategic communications, I am trained and educated to determine market trends, and develop ideas that are fresh and current in order to establish an online presence for an organization through innovative thinking and research. 
Analyzing market trends
Can conduct conducive research to outline a target demographic and define their wants and needs to develop a marketing campaign tailored specifically to this target market and their preferences based on new trends in the market.
Excellent written and verbal communicator
Through my educational achievements I have obtained the skill set to be an effective and appropriate communicator through both verbal and written means. Can convey a well tailored message to best fit the needs of a target market, and constructively articulate a clear message to reflect the vision of an organization to succeed in future endeavors. 
Can effectively promote and advertise for an organization through utilizing both traditional and new media platforms to create continuity and brand presence in an online environment. 

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Sign Language Specialist Instructional Aid

Huntington Beach City School District
Feb 2011Present

Aquatics Director Events Coordinator

Orange County Coastal Aquatics

Designed each class to match the skill set and learning levels of all participants. Suggested exercise modifications to individuals to avoid strain and injury. promoted club programs, products, and services in  relations to aquatics at the Newport Beach Tennis Club. Created swim team logo design for uniforms and team banners. Coordinated all aquatic activities including: swim team, swim team practices and swim meets, water exercise classes, scuba classes, hiring and CPR  certification training for lifeguards, junior guard boot camp program, private and semi private swim lessons, hiring of swim coaches, and coordinated all events and parties at the pool. Also managed financial records, waiver forms, registration forms, employee payments, and tracked the progression in sales each month. 

Sep 2007Oct 2012

Sign Language Specialist Instructional Aid

Huntington Beach City

Promoted language development skills through the implementation of American Sing Language in a severe handicap classroom to teach students another form of communication. Supervised and educated a classroom to develop individual educational plans (IEP) designed to promote educational, physical and social development. The children were able to formulate three word sentences describing how they felt, and what they needed which was a huge accomplishment in providing  themselves with a way to communicate.

Dec 2004Sep 2012


The Miller Family

Modeled appropriate social behaviors and encouraged concern for others. Sparked creativity and imagination by helping children discover new things each day. Maintained a child-friendly environment with engaging activities. Scheduled all doctor, dental, and hair cut appointments. Cleaned the house including laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and watering the plants. Redirected children to encourage safe, positive behaviors. 


Oct 2011Jun 2013


National University


Dr. Stephen Hawn

Provided training for my leadership role for the aquatics position. 

Patricia Miner

Worked in her classroom while mainstreaming students from the special education classroom. 


Highlighted Projects: Videos

Highlighted Projects: Written

Web Page

A home base web page designed to help spread awareness and rasie funds for the fight against pancreatic cancer. 

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About My Social Media Accounts

My personal social media account pages have been dedicated to help spread awareness for pancreatic cancer. I have devoted the bellow  pages to pay tribute to my loving father whom lost the battle to pancreatic cancer. I  developed the  campaign to raise money and spread awareness to help " Find it, Fight it, End it" 



To obtain a career that utilizes my strengths to benefit an organization in their progression. To continue to grow professionally and continue to seek out learning experiences while providing my well rounded background in communications to fulfill both my personal and professional ambitions through succeeding in my work environment. 


I enjoy staying active through  aquatic activities such as swimming, surfing, and paddle boarding. I love taking a break from all of the water activities by hanging out on the beach to people watch.