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Versatile, hardworking hustler. Experienced PM. World traveler. Texas Longhorn. 

Work experience

Jun 2013Oct 2014

Product Manager

Vantage Media
  • Responsible for launch and growth of real time bidding performance marketing platform.
  • Developed feature specifications for user interfaces, tools, and reports that met both explicit requests and unspoken customer needs.
  • Earned new business by designing API to facilitate programmatic management of client advertising campaigns.
  • Acted as product owner in collaboration with engineering team in Guatemala to ensure progress and success of agile sprint cycles.
Jan 2012Jun 2013

Product Manager

  • Led product development teams in scope and delivery of four new iOS apps within six months.
  • Performed A/B / multivariate testing and qualitative analysis (focus groups, usability testing) to drive product improvements.
  • Managed all project execution – outlined deliverables, created wireframes and PRDs, triaged bugs, and prioritized features for 2-week agile sprints.
  • Designed in-house content management system (CMS) from to allow for frequent and seamless website updates.
Jul 2011Jan 2012

Product Marketing Manager

  • Identified market need and directly managed development and launch of a new web-based education product, creating over $1.5 M in revenue in 12 months.
  • Executed go-to-market strategy, which included influencer campaigns and strategic partnerships.
  • Developed content for press releases by conducting interviews and writing case studies.
  • Planned and executed marketing events at SXSW, Comic-Con, and education trade shows.
  • Led client services during partnerships with YouTube, Toyota, Universal and The New York Times.
Feb 2011Jul 2011

Customer Support Specialist

  • Independently managed all customer support issues for a community of five million users.
  • Created 12 interactive user-training modules to increase customer success and retention.
  • Streamlined ticketing process using Zendesk and introduced FAQs and automation, resulting in 84% increase in 24-hour ticket resolution.
  • Quickly took on new projects and responsibilities, resulting in promotion within six months.



Agile Project Management
User Testing
Rapid Prototyping
User Experience Design
API Design
Product Marketing


Mike Komadina / Director of Product Management at Tellagami

"Jessica Gifford worked for me in the Product Management team, leading Web and mobile social, digital animation, and storytelling products.

Jessica is a great product and project manager.  She has the ability to understand the market and drive products to successful  completion.  She is well respected by her colleagues and is well organized, professional, and team-oriented.  She is able to balance complex tradeoff decisions and is successful in removing roadblocks.

She has demonstrated the ability to make effective decisions.  She is able to bridge requirements from customers, business development, partners and engineering.   She has a keen eye for design tradeoffs and is level headed until pressure and adaptive to change.

I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future."

Drew Hampton / Sr. Manager, Display and Facebook at Vantage Media

"Jessica is an extremely sharp person. She can quickly analyze something and break it down to its essential pieces. While I was unfortunately never able to work directly with her, I was consistently amazed by her insights and impressed by how effectively and efficiently she was able to manage product development, no small feat when the majority of the engineers are based in Guatemala."

Diana Janiga / Account Manager at Circle Graphics

"A product manager is someone who is not only technically savvy, but is also one who understands the people that are part of the product creation, implementation and the users consuming said product. That is Jessica. She can translate the technical language to all fluently and with ease. Excellent communication skills, warm-hearted and a remarkable attitude full of zest. She has taken product management by the horns and delivered the most user-friendly platform one has ever seen."

Liz Derenja / Corporate Marketing at Katch

"Jessica is an extremely organized and detail-oriented project manager who makes sure no small aspect of the project falls through the cracks. She successfully led our technology team through important and tough product migrations. I used Jessica as a resource many times for various marketing efforts and was always impressed with her eagerness to help and ability to explain technical things to non-tech people."