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Professional Organizations

AFTRA (The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), UNICEF, Operation Smile


Backgammon, Portugeuse Language, Swimming


With an unforgettable bone structure, gorgeous blond locks, and an enchanting gaze, Jessica Asher achieved her first contract with Mega Model Agency at age 14. Her manager, Ludwig von Schlezinger, prepared Jessica Asher for her first career steps, including photo shoots with top-rated magazines. In 1995, Jessica Asher left her hometown of Hamburg, Germany, for the first time to model for the Japan-based publication Vivi Magazine for its summer swimsuit issue. Jessica Asher’s career continued with a string of German commercials for food product makers Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee and Kuhne Mustard, as well as sports car manufacturer BMW. However, when couture designer Lacey Lachienne asked Jessica Asher to be the face of her swimwear line, the model became a household name. While serving as the 1999 spokesmodel for Lacey Lachienne, Jessica Asher enrolled at the Universitat Kassel, where she studied Communications. Jessica Asher enjoyed her time as a student and took every advantage to participate in campus activities, including the Portuguese Language Club and the Backgammon Club. After completing her freshman year, Jessica Asher decided to put her college-level studies on hold and further her modeling career overseas. Jessica Asher moved to Huntington Beach, California, in 2000 to model the designs from top West Coast brand names. At this time, Jessica Asher was asked to be the in-house model for YM Magazine. Until the magazine’s close in 2004, Jessica Asher served as the print model for its various fashion and beauty stories. Jessica Asher also earned a contract with St. Pauli Girl for a string of commercials and achieved small roles in top-grossing Hollywood films. In 2005, Jessica Asher met and married photographer Jean-Luc Biendon from Quebec. Jessica Asher posed for one of Biendon’s projects and then formally retired from modeling. Calling Asher his muse, Biendon earned positive reviews for his Jessica Asher-featured photo journey, called “Rocks, Lay Down the Sun.” Currently drawing on her German and Portuguese language skills, Jessica Asher searches internationally for the next great model as a recruiter, runway coach, and agent for a top-rated modeling agency in Los Angeles.

Work experience



Mega Model Agency
  • Print, Television, Runway Swimwear Model ("face" for designer Lacey Lachienne)
  • Commercials for German Products
  • YM In-House Model
  • Bit-Part Film Actor

Scout/Agent/Runway Coach

LA-based Modeling Agency
  • International Representative, Travels to Find New Talent



Universitat Kassel