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My name is Jessica Clements, and I am a Senior at Idaho State University. This May (2016) I will graduate with two Bachelor's Degrees, one in Public Relations and one in Psychology. 

After graduation I'm interested in a wide range of possible careers and look for something that I can feel passionate about, as well as something that will challenge me. I will look for a position in event coordinating, public information, in the emergency preparedness division of the State, or in a higher education setting.


Aug 2012May 2016

B.A. Mass Communications - Public Relations

Idaho State University

Expected Graduation: May 2016

Aug 2008May 2012

High School Graduate

Madison Senior High School
  • Advanced Placement, Honors Classes, College Credit Courses
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Licence - Eastern Idaho Technical College.
  • Bobcadettes, Dance and Drill Team. I served as an officer on the Bobcadettes for 3 years, including serving as Captain during my senior year. 
  • Musettes - Women's Performance Choir

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Alumni Relations Intern

Alumni Office - Idaho State University
  • I am specifically responsible for developing a strategic plan for the set up of the Idaho State Student Alumni  Association. This involves the following processes:
    • Researching and communicating with approximately 20 other universities who have successful Student Alumni Associations.
    • Discovering the best practices of those groups.
    • Deciding which of those practices align with the best interests of our university.
    • Researching the demographics and personality of Idaho State University.
    • Leading focus groups with Idaho State students to gather their input on a student alumni group.
    • Compiling and organizing all information gathered.
    • Developing a strategic plan with both short and long term focus that will provide the structure for Idaho State's Student Alumni Association.
  • I also serve as the liaison between the Alumni Association and 1901, which is the student organization that currently functions as the Student Alumni Association.
Jun 2015Present

Union Program Council Member

UPC- Idaho State University
  • Plan activities for Idaho State students that are located in the Student Union Building.
  • The UPC is in charge of the following events:
    • Tuesday Tunes
    • Bengal Bites on Monday Nights
    • Dead Week Relief
    • Late Night in the Union Events
    • Homecoming Parade
    • Tree Lighting Festival
  • I have specifically taken charge on the following events so far this year.
    • Glow Party Late Night at the Union - Attended by over 600 students.
    • Comedy Night (Bengal Bites on Monday Nights) -Attended by approximately 75 students. 
  • I am currently in the planning stages for the following events and will add more as the year continues:
    • Late Night OUT
    • Comedy Night - Whose Line is it Anyways?
    • Comedy Night - Greatest Hits
    • Comedy Night - Stand Up
Apr 2015Aug 2015

Orientation Coordinator - Campus Traditions and Special Populations

LEAD Center - Idaho State University
  • Assisted the department director with planning and executing New Student Orientation for the Fall 2015 incoming students. Approximately 800 students and their families.
  • Planned and coordinated the following events:
    • March Through the Arch - Attended by approximately 1000  people
    • NSO Celebration Dinner - Attended by approximately 1200 people.
    • Welcome Parade
    • Move In
    • Slip'N'Slide - Attended by approximately 300 students.
    • Non-Tradition, Veteran, and Transfer Student Social. - Attended by approximately 75 people.
Aug 2013Aug 2015

Office Assistant

LEAD Center - Idaho State University

The LEAD Center oversees Orientation, Leadership and Service at Idaho State.

  • Assisted with LEAD Center projects, activities, and initiatives.
  • Completed basic graphic design projects.
  • Served as the first point of contact for all office visitors.
  • Answered, screened and transferred phone calls.
  • Organized schedules.
  • Assisted in the training of approximately 15 new employees.
  • Other duties as needed. 
  • Cross trained to work in the Veteran Student Services Center which shares office space with the LEAD Center.
Apr 2014Aug 2014

Orientation Coordinator - Social Events and Campus Traditions

LEAD Center - Idaho State University
  • Assisted the department director with planning and executing New Student Orientation for the Fall 2014 incoming students. Approximately 600 students and their families.
  • Planned and coordinated the following events:
    • March Through the Arch
    • Family Dinner & Social 
    • Welcome Parade
    • Move In
    • Concert on the Quad
    • Guinness World Record Attempt (Longest Distance Traveled on a Slip'N'Slide in One Hour)
    • Movie on the Quad
    • Party at the Pond
May 2013May 2014


Admissions & Recruitment Office - Idaho State University
  • Served as a representative of Idaho State University.
  • Worked with the Admission Advisors to recruit incoming students by accompanying them on High School Visits, College Fairs, Recruitment Events, College Visit Days,  and more.
  • Gave campus tours to approximately 100 prospective students and their families. 
  • Assisted with high profile university events.
  • Assisted with daily activities of the Admissions Visitors Center. 

Volunteer Positions

Sep 2015Present

Media Support Coordinator - Public Information Team

Bonneville County Emergency Operations Center

In the event of an emergency in Bonneville County I will step in and serve as part of the Bonneville County Emergency Operations Center (BCEOC) on the Public Information Team. 

My current responsibilities include:

  • Attending training's and exercises through out the year.
  • Maintaining familiarity with BCEOC standard operating procedures.
  • Maintaining the ability to perform my specific duties during an emergency.

During an emergency my responsibilities include:

  • Reporting to the Public Information Officer and the Deputy Public Information Officer.
  • Maintaining records of all press releases, and any other information released from the Public Information Team.
  • Following all media outlets to ensure correctness of information. 
  • Reporting any incorrect information to the Public Information Team so that it can be fixed.
  • Following information security protocols. 
  • Completing logs and paperwork to document all actions personally taken while working on the emergency team.
  • Assisting the Public Information Team with any other duties as needed.

Apr 2015Present

1901 President

1901 Student Alumni Association

1901 is a student organization at Idaho State University dedicated to preserving tradition, appreciating history, and the overall improvement of the ISU community. We also serve as the Student Alumni Association and partner with the Alumni Association to provide students and alumni with opportunities to interact with and learn from each other.  

My responsibilities include the following:

  • Acting as the liaison to the Alumni Association.
  • Serving as an Ex-Officio Member of the Idaho State Alumni Board.
  • Planning several events each  month for students and/or alumni.
  • Maintaining a social media presence,.
  • Communicating with club members and the student body.
  • Safeguarding and ensuring the continuity of ISU traditions including:
    • The Clock Tower playing the Alma Mater at 8:00 a.m. and the Fight Song at noon each day.
    • Descend on the Dome - Shooting a cannon at the end of Bengal Fest to signal the end of the tailgate on Bengal Game Days.
    • Ringing the Victory Bell for each Bengal Touchdown at Football Games.
    • Etc.
  • Overseeing officers meetings and general membership meetings. 
  • Cultivating community, alumni, and campus relationships.
Jun 2014May 2015

Dancer Relations Chair

ISU Dance Marathon, Primary Children's Hospital

The ISU Dance Marathon is one of over 200 Dance Marathon's at colleges and universities across the nation. Each university works with the Children's Miracle Network to host a Dance Marathon to benefit their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. For Idaho State, that hospital is Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Over the course of the year, I worked with a team of 6 students to plan and promote a 17 hour Dance Marathon.

My specific duties as the Dancer Relations chair included:

  • Hosting three Dancer Information Meetings to provide participants with specific information that they needed to have a successful experience with Dance Marathon.
  • Designing and distributing the Dancer Information Packet.
  • Being responsible for relaying information to participants.
  • Ensuring the well being of participants.
  • Maintaining personal, registration, and fundraising information for each participant.
  • Choreographing and teaching the Morale Dance.
  • Managing a team of Morale Captains.
  • I also worked with my team to oversee the actual event, on fundraising and marketing efforts throughout the year, and to ensure the overall success of Dance Marathon.


Hello! My name is Jessica Clements and I am currently a student at Idaho State University. I will be graduating in May, 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Public Relations and Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology. After graduation I will be pursuing a career in the Public Relations industry. 

I was born in Pocatello, Idaho and except for a brief six year stint in Washington during my childhood, I've been in Idaho. My family moved to Rexburg, Idaho in 2003 and has lived there ever since. I went to Madison Senior High School, Home of the Bobcats, where I took mostly Honors and Advanced Placement Classes. I have always been a top student and have enjoyed learning from a young age.

Outside the classroom, I developed a love of sports, dance, and music. I played soccer for several years before devoting myself entirely to my high school dance and drill team, the Bobcadettes. I danced with the Bobcadettes all four years of high school and served as an officer for three years. I was the Freshmen/Sophomore Representative my Sophomore year, the Junior Representative my Junior year, and the Captain during my Senior year. All four years of high school I sang in various performance choirs, and enjoyed traveling and performing  with my groups. During high school I also earned my Certified Nursing Assistant License through a joint high school/college program with Eastern Idaho Technical College. I graduated from Madison Senior High School in May of 2012.

That Fall, I moved to Pocatello, Idaho to start my college education at Idaho State University. At that point, I was planning to pursue a career in Mental Health and Behavioral Counseling, and my undergraduate focus was a bachelors degree in Psychology. 

Sophomore year of college I became involved in several different organizations around campus that helped to shape my college experience and who I am today; the most influential being the Ambassador program. The ISU Ambassadors serve as student representatives at Idaho State and are considered an elite group of students. Through the Ambassador program I became an Idaho State unofficial expert, developed leadership skills, group presentation skills, confidence and more. Programs like the Ambassador program helped me to realize my career goals no longer aligned with my original psychology and counseling plans. 

After a search I decided I would pursue a degree in Public Relations. I had had the opportunity to be involved in different event planning groups and found a lot of enjoyment in that. I also found that I enjoyed working with the public in leadership and informational roles, which are all common elements of Public Relations. 

I've been involved in several different event planning opportunities during college including New Student Orientation, Dance Marathon, and the Union Program Council. Each of these positions have given me leadership opportunities in event planning and have helped to expand my event planning experience. I have planned a variety of events for audiences of 30 people to 1200 people, and from formal settings such as formal dinners and structured conferences to college dances and casual outdoor barbeques. 

I am looking forward to entering the career force and finding a position where I can feel passionate about what I am doing and be a benefit to my company. I look forward to a challenging position where I can continue to learn, grow, and develop my skills as a PR professional.