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With a Bachelor's degree from CU, I am a nursing student looking to obtain my nursing education and pass my boards and find a career in nursing that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people and have fun. As well as gain more experience and knowledge in working with patients, increasing my knowledge of caring for people, and improving my abilities as a healthcare worker.

Work History


Certified Nursing Assisstant

Harvard Park Surgery Center

Worked within and with nurses and doctors to care for patients before and after minor outpatient surgeries. This included monitoring vitals signs, ensuring readiness, comfort measures, and entire post assessments until discharge. 

May 2016August 2018

Patient Care Associate: ICU/Inpatient Rehab

Boulder Community Hospital  

Boulder, CO

Responsibilities in my final job during my time in Boulder included performing tasks that assisted caregivers with patients as well as helping promote effective departmental functioning. Patient care duties included but were not limited to caring for current inpatient rehab patients, by helping them perform everyday tasks in accordance with their rehab therapy while maintaining a consistent and impactful healing environment. With ICU patients, tasks included everyday care for bodily functions for the acutely ill and severely injured patients in an environment that was fast paced and demanding as the life of the patients which ultimately depended on the entire hospital to work together as a team. 

September 2015October 2016

Certified Nursing Assistant

HCR Manor Care Boulder

Boulder, CO

My first job after obtaining my Certified Nursing Assistant license was at a local nursing home that cared for the rehabilitating and long term skilled nursing care elderly patients. A job that required much perseverance, patience, teamwork, responsibility, and knowledge on how to care for patients that may not be able to care for themselves anymore. I learned how to work together to care for patient(s) using all resources of the staff to ensure proper care, while also making sure that every measure was taken to assure the patient(s) comfort and health, while maintaining a creative and energetic appearance.

Feb 2013Sep 2015

Hostess, To-Go, Food Expeditor, Waitress


Lone Tree, CO

This establishment provided me with many opportunities to expand on the set of skills I began developing at my first job. These included but were not limited to organizational, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. Daily important activities involved working in a team, ensuring the entire team provided quality service to customers, and dealing tactfully with complaints whether it be from customers or other team members. Beginning as a hostess, I worked my way up to becoming a To-Go food coordinator and eventually to waitress throughout my almost three years there. 



Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Metropolitan State University

Accelerate Nursing Program


Major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology-Current

University of Colorado Boulder

Currently a senior, I will obtain my bachelor's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder in May 2017. 

Jul 2015Aug 2015

Certified Nursing Assistant

Stillwater College of Allied Health

Obtained my CNA certificate through a five week long class and over 100 hours of class time and 16 hours of clinical experience. 

Skills Learned Include:

  • Measuring and recording blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, urinary output, and patient weight.
  • Sterile technique involving changing bedpans and sheets.
  • Giving modified bed bath, providing peri care, mouth care, denture care, foot care and catheter care.
  • Transferring in and out of bed/wheelchair and re-positioning in bed.
  • Range of motion exercise with shoulder and knee/ankle.
  • Helping with meals and food preparation for those who cannot.
  • Transferring with use of a gait belt.
  • Basic nursing assistant knowledge requirements.


Highly responsible and reliable

Works well under pressure

Upbeat, outgoing and positive

Highly organizational

Hard-working and determined

Works well with others and takes orders without complaint

Enjoys caring for others, and creating a warm, comfortable environment of care


Juror of Parker Teen Court                              April 2009-May 2013

I worked with the Parker Town Hall which runs a function called Teen Court. This is a program for teens under the age of 18 that have committed first time misdemeanors. These youth can come to teen court admitting guilt and go through our program which included a trial by peers, appropriate sanctions, and teamwork to ensure each defendant received proper punishment while allowing them to learn from the process.

Front Range Hippo-therapy                             January 2016-December 2016

I volunteered for a therapist that works with children that have disabilities. Training the horses and working with the children are included in my day of volunteering.

Academic Accomplishments

University of Colorado Arts & Sciences Dean's List (>3.75 GPA required): Spring 2016 (GPA: 4.0), Fall 2016 (GPA: 3.82), Spring 2017 (GPA: 4.00)