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Professional Pantomime History


Ministry Description

Living Worship is solely devoted to spreading the word, the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ in an artistic fashion. Using the art of pantomime, a unique and unplugged art form, Living Worship seeks to create an atmosphere of praise and adoration to God, Our Father. It is through pure and holy spirit ordained movements,  encouragement, salvation and restoration can be received.



Good News Cafe, Christian Fellowship Church, Antioch MBC, Living Waters MLK Day of Service, Youth Explosion, Japan Fire 3 (Tokyo, Japan), Silent Praise Spring Mime Concert, Sisters of the African Diaspora Unite Conference, Truth Speaks, Emancipation of the Beautiful Play (actress and mime artist), Praise Unlimited Worship Night, Heart of God Worship Night


Teaching Experience

Unity Church Mime Workshop, July 2007

Christian Fellowship Church Mime Team, 2010-present

The Heart of God Worship Center Workshops, 2011-2012

The Transformation Church Workshops, February 2013

The Worship Academy Workshop, January 2014

All Nations Evangelistic Church, September 2015


Workshops/Conferences Attended

Various Area Workshops with AMBC, 2001-2005

Mime Like God is Watching, June 2015


Below are photos taken during various mime performances throughout the past 8 years