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Jessica Falconbridge

Work experience


Retail Assistant

 Responsibilities: Daily interaction with customers, arranging merchandise, completing money transactions, money and eftpos handling, cleaning.

Hair apprentice

Volona and Associates, High Wycombe
Responsibilities: Daily interaction and consultation with clients, answering the phone, taking bookings, completing money transactions, promoting retail products, encouraging and completing retail purchase, cleaning, supervising people receiving work experience, supervising new apprentices, completing complex and creative hairstyles, end-of-day shop close up, beginning-of-day open, money and eftpos handling.

Work experience

 Volona and Associates, Midland and High Wycombe
Responsibilities: Working in a supervised environment consulting with customers, answering phones, cleaning, and basic hairstyling.



Hair dressing apprenticeship

Business, Consultation, Complex and creative hairstyles in men's and woman's, Courses on colour and cut.

Work experience

WA Academy of Hair, Beauty, Makeup, and Business
Basics on how to work in a hair salon environment, Basic hairstyling and cleaning.

Year 10 completion

Kalamunda High school


Through previous employment I have been able to strengthen work-related skills such as team cooperation, carrying out instructions and fulfilling expectations, correct and proper dealing with customers and general public, promoting retail products, one-on-one interaction with clients, appropriate response to stressful situations as well as preparation and handling of a variety of goods. 

Additionally, I pride myself on being a non-judgmental person who consciously avoids discrimination of any sort. I also strongly believe that customers deserve to receive the best service that can be offered to them and make it my personal goal to supply them with this service. I believe that good customer service is more easily offered when relationships between staff members are positive, and so I hold positive staff relationships in high regard.


Manager at Save The Children, Midland
9274 7296