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Master of Education (M.Ed.), 2013

Regent University,

Virginia Beach, VA

  • Developed curricula for adult education, as may be used in lay minister training.
  • Studied the use of multimedia in teaching and communicating to large groups. 
  • Studied leadership development techniques for lay and student leaders.  

Bachelor of Arts, English, 2011

Regent University,

Virginia Beach, VA

  • Studied creative writing and non-fiction.
  • Studied textual analysis and critical theory.

Music/Worship Discipleship Training School, 2007

Youth With a Mission

New Zealand & Fiji

  • Studied church music ministry.
  • Practiced urban and culture specific ministry styles.  

Philosophy of Corporate Worship

I believe that knowing and loving God is the ultimate purpose of every human being.  As a worship Pastor, my goal is to create a culture in which people are enabled to find out what that means for them. True worship comes in many forms, and I want to encourage authentic expressions both inside and outside the church.  

Worship is not just for saved, church-going people; in fact, I believe genuine worship is the absolute best way to reach those who do not know God.  Many people I know are saved now because at some point they had a revelation of God as they observed Christians' expressions of love, gratitude, and submission to the Lord.  This is confirmed by John 12:32, in which Jesus said, "When I am lifted up, I will draw all people to myself."

I believe the Christian life is meant to be lived in community with other Christians.  Music and art are important ways for individuals to express themselves, but also serve as important tools to unify the church as a whole.  By singing corporately or engaging in historic and contemporary liturgies, each Christian is connected to the community of faith around the world and throughout time.  The hymns we sing reflect the depth and tradition of our faith, and the choruses we write express God's work among us in the present day.  Much of my ministry experience to this point has centered around creating and incorporating musical and other liturgies in the worship service as a way of teaching and unifying the church.  

Work experience

Maintenance Supervisor

Regent University 2007-present (full time)

  • Serve as liaison between multiple school departments, contractors, and students.
  • Manage and train staff and student workers.
  • Maintain budget and inventory program.

Worship Leader

New Life Virginia Beach 2011-present (part time)

  • Mentor team members and lay leaders in faith and leadership.
  • Chose scripture readings and special music and prepare volunteers to lead them.  
  • Organize volunteer musicians and AV personnel.
  • Responsible for musical aspects of service planning and execution.
  • Responsible for incorporating modern and historic liturgies into the contemporary service.  
  • Work with pastoral staff and other leaders to set and accomplish goals.
  • Plan and execute special services for important moments in the church calendar (e.g. Good Friday, Advent, etc.)