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Jessey alexander


Work History



Worked closely with ownership to understand, embrace and execute their vision. Managed all elements of operation including, but not limited to staff scheduling, kitchen, bar and miscellaneous inventory, kitchen and bar cost control, vendor relations, payroll, general and equipment maintenance, system implementation, hiring, training, terminating, conflict resolution, menu maintenance plus general opening and closing routines with a consistently positive demeanor. Regularly worked the floor during service with a focus of cultivating customer relations and supporting staff where needed. Managed and executed all event bookings and reservations. Responsible for website updates and development. Regularly utilized Instagram and Facebook to showcase our products with quality professional photos, consistent aesthetics and relevant tags. Motivated, educated and supported all front and  back of house employees with an attentive and hands on approach. Trained incoming general manager to successfully transition into his new role. 

Beverage Manager | AGM

Ocopa (Washington, DC)
August 2016November 2017

Assisted General Manager with operations and objectives. Managed vendor relations, orders, accounting and organization. Worked closely with the chef to fix and maintain food cost. Restructured the bar program. Hired and trained bartenders and support staff. Created financial tracking management systems. Redesigned menus. 

Director of Events 

Historic Restaurants Inc. (Washington, DC)
December 2015June 2016

Developed and managed a Private Events Department within an existing restaurant boasting a 5000 sq ft private events space. Increased sales through contract negotiation. Increased profitability by engineering correct pricing guidelines based on industry standards. Increased exposure through social media, in house marketing, website development and community outreach. Developed and produced weekly and monthly events to drive business. Created spreadsheets and a cloud based file management system streamlining project management and operations control and tracking. Produced a steady increase in monthly net sales. Hired and trained an events management team to replace me once I moved.  

Beverage Director

SynRG Hospitality
June 2015December 2015

SynRG Hospitality was a restaurant consulting start up with a mission of owning our own restaurants. My rolls included concept development, discovery and education, spirits and cocktail menu planning, developing bar training programs, development of procedural operations, industry research and analysis.  

Beverage Manager | AGM

The Washington Firehouse (Washington, DC)
Jan 2015June 2015

My duties included all aspects of running a restaurant including service management, inventory management and vendor relations, menu creation and design, customer relations, weekly scheduling, staff training, accounting and social media management. I worked diligently to create systems and organize our recently opened restaurant. I worked closely with the kitchen manager to reduce cost and set proper menu prices. 


The Parkway Restaurant (Bethany Beach, DE)
April 2014December 2014

Developed relationships with longstanding customers to ensure the same level of rapport as my co-bartender. Managed inventory levels of an extensive wine list. Sustained personalized service during high volume service hours and made certain all needs were met in a timely and professional manner. Actively informed customers of any menu changes and daily specials. 


Eat the Rich (Washington, DC)
September 2013April 2014

As part of the opening team I developed relationships with clientele and created repeat customers. I performed standard managerial duties including managing customer complaints and expectations, closing procedures and staff management. In an environment where knowledge of menu and products were held in high regard I was always striving to learn. I attended countless train sessions for wine, spirits and techniques under the instruction of Derek Brown. Bartending is show business. You must cater to the needs of your audience. 


Shaw's Tavern (Washington, DC)
August 2012November 2013

Recorded and organized inventory, maintained a clean and safe work environment, handled relations with service representatives. Established lunch clientele and maintained regulars. 


Shasta Pizza Company (Redding, CA)

Inventory management and organization. Opening and closing procedures, food preparation and service, communications and customer relations. 


Leatherby's Family Creamery (Redding, CA)

My responsibilities included all function of operating a restaurant. Opening and closing procedures, executing food preparation and table service in a QSR environment. 


BS Graphic Design

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online
January 2012January 2015

I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suit. I most frequently work with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.



The art of creating balanced cocktails that embody an intended feeling or pleasure. Best when combined with strong spirit knowledge and understanding the science of flavors. 


The act of directing the flow and movements of individuals to create a desired environment and guest experience. Complete knowledge of the tools, systems and individual personalities are all essential in management. 

Operations Manager

The objective is to ensure a business is functioning at full efficiency in order to obtain optimal profitability. This is aided by the organization of data and information to enable team members on multiple platforms to communicate and understand information more clearly and directly. 

Events Manager

Events are unique to the individual hosting it. The things important to one client may be irrelevant or overlooked by the next. Having a full understanding of each moving part is important to properly organize, execute and sell a particular event.