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About Jesse Wobrock

For the last decade Jesse Wobrock has overseen all company operations as president of Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanics (ArBio) in Arroyo Grande, California. ArBio, a renowned operator in expert witness testimony and consulting, offers services including animation preparation (such as those used at trial exhibitions) and AutoCAD scaled engineering drawings of accident scenes and the vehicles involved. The company also provides MAYA animations and ARAS 360 visual software applications. Under the leadership of Jesse Wobrock, ArBio’s expert witnesses can provide assistance in situations as diverse as product liability lawsuits and wrongful death cases.

Outside of his work at ArBio, Mr. Wobrock contributes time and money to a number of charitable causes. He regularly volunteers at his church and provides support to the Arroyo Grande Hospital Foundation. He has been volunteering with the hospital as a board member since 2010, working toward lifesaving ends for this philanthropic community provider of healthcare and critical medical services.                            

Work experience

Mar 2005Present


Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanics

Reconstruction and biomechanical analysis of accidents, collisions and

injuries. Case retention examples include but are not limited to

wrongful death, product liability, railway matters, maritime accidents,

catastrophic injuries, homicide, criminal matters, slip/trip and falls, falls

from heights, premises liability, human factors issues, pediatric injuries,

industrial accidents, gun shots and trajectory analysis, aviation

accidents, law enforcement, fireworks accidents, high and low speed

vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, tractor-trailer collisions,

motorcycle collisions, bicycle collisions, and helmet/protective

equipment issues.


PhD, Biomedical Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles