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Jul 2012Jun 2015

Bachelor of Information Technology

Whitireia Community Polytechnic, B+

The degree covered a  broad range of areas within IT, including software development (in a .NET, and open-source environment), web development (WAMP, ASP.NET), network engineering (Cisco technologies), and systems administration (Windows Server 2008).


Problem solving

It is my nature to go out of my way to make sure something works, sounds or reads the way it is supposed to. Whether it is a logic error in a program I have written, or a sentence in an essay or report that doesn’t sound right, I am not satisfied until I have resolved the issue. For my 3rd year project, I created a physics sandbox in the Unity3D engine, utilizing the Oculus Rift and using C# scripting to code all the interactions. I came into this project with experience programming in C#, and very minimal experience working in Unity3D. 3D game programming was entirely new to me however, and so this project was a learning experience from day one. I have been able to teach myself about 3D physics in the context of Unity3D, as well as some fundamentals of general game development and design. I have learned how to break each interaction down to its individual components in order to either know how to code it or to be able to look for how to code it.

Time management

During my studies, I have found myself to have very good time management, as I do not leave things to the last minute. Despite frequently having several assignments due at the same time, I find myself with plenty of free time to play video games, chill out listening to music, and go to the gym.

Communication skills/Customer service

I spent 4 years working in various roles at Countdown Whangaparaoa. While I was there I developed excellent customer service and communication skills. I am always friendly and approachable, and conduct myself in a professional manner.

C#.NET development

I spent 3 semesters collectively during my degree working with C# for software development, web development, and game development using Unity3D.

Game design/development

I created a 3D game for an industry project in the 3rd year of my degree. The game was created using Unity3D and the Oculus Rift. I was responsible for the design and development of the entire project, learning all that I needed as the project unfolded.

Work experience

Dec 2013Feb 2014


Capital Scaffolding

- Loading and unloading of gear on trucks.
- Preparation of gear for use by ticketed scaffolders.

Apr 2012Jun 2012

Lighting Electrics Technician

3 Foot 7 Ltd. - The Hobbit film project

- Operate machinery to enable the movement of lighting/electrical equipment.
- Assemble and check lighting and electrical equipment as being safe for use.
- Ensuring the safety of those working in potentially hazardous areas below machine operators.

Nov 2011Jan 2012

Assistant Lab Technician

Opus International Consultants

- Assisting with recovery of ground samples.
- Lab testing of soil samples and other materials.
- On-site testing using a range of methods and machinery.
- General cleaning and house-keeping.

Jul 2007Jul 2011

Fresh Foods Assistant

Progressive Enterprises

- Preparation of foods for sale
- Customer service
- Stocktaking
- Cleaning/housekeeping


These are screenshots of my Unity3D/Oculus Rift project. The gun, and hoverpad models were not created by me, but all scripted behavior for them within the game was written by me. The moon landscape and night sky were created by me.


Kevin Shedlock - Whitireia Project Supervisor

Email:  [email protected] /

Mobile: 027 2682994


Tony Assadi – Whitireia Lecturer

Work: 04 237 3103 extension 3839


Adrian Hargreaves – Whitireia Lecturer

Work: 04 237 3100 extension 3211