hen not working as a Financial Services Specialist and business executive, Jerry E. Swon enthusiastically gives backs to his community. Living in Mendham, New Jersey, Jerry E. Swon works with local charity and youth organizations. Jerry E. Swon frequently volunteers at Market Street Mission, a housing shelter and food bank, and regularly contributes to First Choice Women�s Resource pregnancy center. In 1990, Jerry E. Swon revived the New Jersey Rockets, a youth hockey program that had been inactive for 10 years. The team, an important source of community pride, has included players who have ascended to the National Hockey League. Since graduating from Hamline University with his Bachelor of Arts in in 1972, Jerry E. Swon established himself as one of the country's top reverse merger specialists in the financial sector. Jerry E. Swon served as President or Chief Executive Officer for such corporations as Millenium Biotechnologies, Inc. ; Royal Capital Inc.; and Magnitude Information Systems, Inc. . In these roles, Jerry E. Swon implemented the sale and acquisition of Proformix, a Toronto-based office furniture manufacturer, by Office Specialty in 1997 and the merger of WorldWater with Solar Technologies Corp. in 1996.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1996 - Present

Investment banker

Jerry E Swon
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