Jerry Ruggieri

Jerry Ruggieri

Senior Technical / ADVisor


CTO / Mobile & Security Consultant

Objective  I am an expert in mobile, security, enterprise and data center architecture. I’ve spent considerable time evaluating vendor products and implementing them at retail financial companies. I work closely with Risk and Business to ensure compliance of regulatory guidelines. I advise startups on enterprise requirements, create mobile and enterprise applications, implement and advise on data center designs.

TechnologyDemonstrated currency of technologies and facility for discovering breakthrough solutions.State-of-the-art experience with security for the enterprise. Solid understanding of system architecture, infrastructure and commercial solutions. Successfully identified and managed solutions for organizations in transition..

Information SecurityA certified security professional (CISSP) with experience identifying enterprise security needs. Familiarity with legal/regulatory compliance and BCP. Solid understanding of InfoSec trends - PKI, CA, RA, VPNs, related infrastructure. Expert in RSA-AA risk auth.

Enterprise Systems Experience with data center designs and ops. Designed high volume, scalable transaction systems with a guaranteed performance of millions of transactions per day and terabytes of data. Awareness of corporate and business specific needs. Current with data center designs, ops and offering 24x7 SaaS

Business AcumenExperience selling solutions both internally and externally, customer focused product development and achievement of the letter and spirit of SLA’s and MRD’s. Motivated, self-starter with deep belief in accountability. Quick on concepts, adaptive, work well in dynamic environment. Good with details, excellence with time and money estimates.

 Leadership and Management I’m able to guarantee deliverables and manage customer expectations. Good at influencing peers and setting goals my management can count on. Budget experience in the $5M range.

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2008 - Present


Biometric Security Co (Mobile Security)

Expert on biometric authentication. Advised multiple companies on choices. Designed enterprise and retail mobile products; iPhone, Android, etc. Responded to RFIs/RFQs, customer proposals. Created TCOs (time and money estimates) for new work. Built multiple mobile and data center applications. Presentations to 'C' level execs and investors. Wrote multiple whitepapers.

Jan 2008 - Present

Security Consultant

EProducts LLC (Mobile and Internet)

Created mobile apps for consumers and security (e.g. RecallRecall, VoiceKey ID) on iPad, iPhone, Android. Designed and managed data center ops. Performed enterprise and security consultancies, wrote reports and managed offshore projects. Produced security reports, performed various consultancies. IP development and patent applications.

Apr 2009 - Present


Hollison Technologies (Food Safety, Supply Chain)

Advisor helping to develop products for ensuring and maintaining food safety and security. Differentiators are depth of contaminant and supply chain coverage. Created SaaS products and data center designs, setup and managed data center operations.

May 2011 - Present

Mobile and Security Architect

RBS/Citizens Bank (Retail Banking)

Designed Mobile apps, outlined roadmap for (client and data center) enterprise products. Advised business, oversaw vendors, delivery and installations. Advised on security and infrastructure designs and issues resolution. Provided time and money estimates and assisted with vendor SOWs. Performed critical analyses and solutions for enterprise security concerns.

Sep 2011 - Present


Quantum Recognition

Nano-technology for rapid in-field medical and threat detection; anything a dog can detect this chip can do better. Responsible for Bio-Informatics Algorithm(s), mobile, data center design & ops, secure transmission for reporting and alerts.

Sep 2012 - Present

CIO / Founder

Zenzium Inc

Bringing intelligence to the Internet of Things. Using sensors to monitor and control hyper-local environments, e.g. residences for allergens, hospitals for pathogens, and agriculture for crop needs. Sensors transmit data via MQTT to cloud hosting for learning and behavioral modeling, alerts and signals to control for room comfort, healthy air in classrooms, sick buildings, safe food, optimal agricultural conditions, and more.

Apr 2009 - Sep 2009

Enterprise Architect

Digital Reef Inc (eDiscovery)

Security reviews, product designs, implemented LDAP Authentication, designed flexible Authorization schema. Trouble-shot data center and implementation issues.

Jan 2008 - Dec 2008


Authentrus, Inc. (Identity Security)

Contributed to business plan, revenue analysis and patent applications. Created initial product concept, through to demo and designs. Developed partner, offshore relationships and technical resources. Created time, money estimates and TCO analyses. We created new paradigms for identity management via digital certificates, biometrics and enrollment. Usage side was federation and business logic for logical, physical and transactional security. Technologies were identity vetting, credential generation, and smart card/USB tokens. Consultant, pre-funding.

2005 - 2008

Security Architect

Fidelity Investments (Financial Servivces)

Designed e-business security projects, responsible for site protection and fraud prevention across the Fidelity domain.Principal on Fidelity’s customer protection roadmap initiative, responsible for adding multi-factor authentication into the enterprise SSO, designing to meet FFIEC requirement for having multi-factor authentication for retail banking sites.Produced ‘AAA’ deployments while achieving to end-to-end security.

Jan 2003 - Jul 2005

Infrastructure Architect

Context Media/ Oracle (Multi-media)

Introduced new technologies, e.g. OS platforms, Web Services, Portals, new security models, and maintained data center ops for Multi-media applications

Jul 2000 - Jan 2003

Architect, Professional Services

Bowstreet (Internet)

Managed teams of up to 16 delivering projects to GE Financial Corp., Sun Microsystems and Banorte (the largest bank in Northern Mexico).  integrated .NET and J2EE legacy apps, setup web services, portals, messaging and security. Introduced PKI into customer environments. Integrated into data center ops.

Nov 1998 - Jul 2000


Prescient Technologies (Supply Chain)

Led design and development of web enabled products for supply chain management.Led team of size 20.

Aug 1989 - Nov 1998

Director of Software Engineering

Parametric Technology (Product Lifecycle)

Built a team of 25. Managed multiple offshore teams to create software that addresses design, manufacturability and life cycle issues for the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing industries.