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An experienced business leader in Atlanta, Georgia, Jerry Couvaras currently serves as president and chief executive officer of Atlanta Bread. Active with the company since 1995, Couvaras has grown Atlanta Bread into an established chain of fast-casual bakery cafés featuring fresh food and a friendly atmosphere. In recent years, the company has been featured in numerous publications, including Health Magazine, Parents Magazine, and Fast Casual Magazine. In 2009, Health Magazine named the company one of the Top Ten Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants in the Nation. As the company’s CEO, Jerry Couvaras presently provides oversight of all departments of the Atlanta Bread.Native to South Africa, Jerry Couvaras earned his bachelor of arts in political science, economics, and international relations at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Since relocating to Atlanta, he has held leadership positions with a number of professional and charitable organizations in the community, including the Hirsch Academy, the Woodruff Arts Center, and the Concorde Fire Soccer Club.

Breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company

Jerry Couvaras, president and chief executive officer of Atlanta Bread Company, revamped his restaurant’s breakfast operation in 2004. An award-winning entrepreneur, Jerry Couvaras guided his stores to a 25 percent sales increase with the addition of new breakfast items.Several factors account for this success. After considerable market research, the company positioned itself to customers who appreciated a leisurely meal, such as on a Sunday morning, but one that nonetheless could be served and eaten within 10-15 minutes. The short wait time also appealed to those who had to leave in a hurry.Freshness also became a strong selling point. The company utilized its bread-making capabilities, which allowed it to avoid precooked menu items and offer protein-rich hot meals with eggs and meat. Over the years, Atlanta Bread’s quality-based approach has won considerable accolades. Parents magazine honored it in its 10 Best Fast-Casual Family Restaurants survey, and Health magazine included it in the top 10 of its Healthiest Restaurant Chains list.

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