Jerome Indefenzo

  • Quezon City Philippines
Jerome Indefenzo

student | programmer | designer


Jerome Indefenzo • Student | Programmer | Designer

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2014 - Present

UP CBA: Guilder Website



Aug 2014 - Present

BS Computer Science

University of the Philippines - Diliman Campus
Jun 2010 - Apr 2014

Philippine Science High School - Main Campus




high experience with HTML interface layouting with a little knowledge of HTML5 syntax


adept at layouting and creating responsive cross-browser designs, integrated with javascript and jQuery functions for a full-blown UX for all kinds of interfaces


intermediate experience with Javascript for UI and UX development on web projects; ability to develop rich applications using simple AJAX calls; use of various frameworks and libraries

Ruby on Rails

basic web development, setup, and design using Ruby on Rails


knowledged at simple syntax and logic of the language; use of some Python web and app frameworks such as Pyglet (for game development), Django (web development), and Mezzanine (Django-based CMS framework)

C, C++

basic syntax with knowledge of OOP and pointers; small experience with UI development using MS Visual Studio C++


experience developing small applications with Java UI using NetBeans IDE

Unity C#

basic game development experience with both 2D and 3D using the Unity3D engine

Git Version Control

basic git experience through the command line, including knowledge of branching and PR systems

Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC

basic image editing and retouching skills aimed at web and interface design

Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC

basic vector design skills for logo or pubmat designs

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/CC

basic video compositing skills with Premiere Pro and similar video editing software

Adobe After Effects CS6/CC

basic video post process skills using After Effects and various plugins


References are available upon request.