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When I am not bringing new technology into the building, I am working on the day to day grind.  We utilize tech from the top tier boys like Oracle and Cisco, down to the open source world like Debian and DD-WRT.  Our portfolio of startup companies include network security experts, web designers, analytics and accounting pros, media personalities and more.  We push hard to not only educate ourselves but also to integrate the latest tech, sometimes bleeding edge, into our culture.  More than a company, Nextwave is a family.  We offer paid and unpaid internships, send your resumes to: [email protected]!

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Chief of Research and Development

Nextwave, Inc
Sep 2011Present



We are a group of Detroit engineers, scientists and researchers. Our interest is in the far future of man-machine interfaces, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and the like. One goals include the mining, refining and creation of mechatronic beauty, which includes mixing man with machine. Interested parties can email [email protected] Let's build something wonderful together.