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Analytical, proficient and creative IT troubleshooter with a wide range of qualifications trouble shooting complex IT issues which have saved time, reduced costs and boosted bottom-line profits by securing efficiency and functionality. Experience includes software configuration / engineering, hardware, systems infrastructure, full-cycle product development, matrix management, project and quality management. Well versed in systems integration, installation, repair and maintenance, also catastrophic testing, IT staff training, and pre- and post-sales activities. Successful owning and managing project plans and synchronizing deliverables with development teams and customers. Great blend of technical and communications skills. Additional Areas of Expertise:

Areas of Qualifications

Project Management: New Product Introduction, Systems Support, Resource Allocation, Scheduling, Product End of Life (Eight month term: from engineer to global systems support , covering development, coordination with sales and marketing, product development, engineering, final coding and managing contractors.)

Served as integration lead, providing hands-on technical management. Demonstrated highly complex and diverse technical skills to define, plan, organize control and complete a variety of concurrent projects. Served as team lead on various vital IT projects: proposed, designed and lead the development of a Nanotopography Factory Automation system. Worked on four new product developments; key in product to market (microfilm, data storage and document imaging systems). R&D experience.

QA / Test / Software Configuration and Engineering: Releases, Change Management, and Product Specifications. Proficient in the application of a systematic approach to the development, evaluation, maintenance and rollout of software. Full software development life cycle including QA (black box and white box), change control, release protocols, sales and marketing and systems support. Executed all software releases, installation and upgrade packages. Oversaw field distribution. Performed internal audits; prepared reviewed configuration management, and data management processes. Excelled at infrastructure design, standards, and compliances assurance.

IS Management: Systems Support, Customer Requirements, Functional Specifications, Business process. Analyzed system functions and performance; negotiated with management and field personnel to secure feature access. Managed the developement and maintenance of six difference applications utilizing Borland Delphi and C++ Builder, BDE, ODBC, SQL, Visual Basic, Access, Paradox and some Oracle. Worked on automated, precision surface mapping systems for 200 and 300mm silicon wafers. Re-wrote a data production system. Serves 6 times as research and development team lead: scheduling programs, scripting languages, single-entry security systems, monitoring tools and data encryption and conversion utilities.

Technical Expertise

Platforms: Windows XP, 2000, NT, 3.11, 3.1 MS-DOS and Mac OS XTools:Windows API, Borland Delhi and C++ Builder, Visual Studios 5, 6, and 2005, Visual Basic,SQL Windows, DOS Development, MS Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word, Access),Install Shield, Indigo Rose Setup Factory, Visual Source Safe, Perforce, JIRA, VNC, VPN,MS Remote Desktop. COM, DCOM, TCP/IP, Novell.Databases: ODBC and BDE, Oracle, SQL, MS Access, Informix, dBase, Btrieve.

Work experience

Oct 2000Dec 2008

Project Manager (Engineering)

KLA-Tencor/ADE Phase-Shift
Software Engineer / Project Lead / Senior Systems Engineer ============================================ Accounted for software development version control using Visual Source Safe and Perforce; personally certified each build. Determined setup and installation procedures for new products and managed teams of up to six personnel. Analyzed, troubleshot, and solved new hardware and software issues. Only one to sign off on all new product releases. On call 24/7 to manage support issues and solve escalated problems from field service managers. Specialist in catastrophic testing. Expertise in diagnosing and modeling systems throughput. Worked extensively with robots (Brooks, Phoenix and Kensington). *** Excelled at matrix management: improving communications between sales, marketing, technical support, integration, manufacturing and liaison between hardware and software teams for more than seven years. *** Solved engineering and end-of-life software development problems. *** Served as team/project lead several times, including a visit to Malaysia for final proof of concept. Selective projects include the following: - $40M project value - Proposed, designed and lead a factory automation project using Secs/Gem. - $165M project value - Lead integration for three brand new products. - Lead engineer prototyping high shape wafer acquisition. - Managed a Product End of Life project, successfully pushing along the entire process (technical, buyers, suppliers, final design, software development) and managed contractors. *** In reviews consistently exceeded expectations (grade 4), achieved a grade of 5 in the final review for systems knowledge. *** Stepped up and routinely executed clean room visits; adhering to all protocols in cleaning, materials handling, hands-on system use and wafer recovery.
Sep 1996May 2004


Gaming Websites
Provided game reviews to Ken Gagne's website, Gamebits. ( Wrote extensively for Larry Tipton's website ( Mostly wrote game reviews; best known for writing technical articles on video equipment and their use with game consoles. Wrote extensively for CompuServe's gaming forums, which is where I got in contact with the gentlemen mentioned above.
Jan 2001Dec 2003

Staff Writer/News Editor
Game reviewer for the InsidePS2Games website, then a News Editor and Review Editor.
Aug 1994Feb 2000

Systems Engineer

Technology Applied Systems
Software Engineer, Researcher, Security Expert ===================================== Single-handedly managed customer support as a support engineer in San Francisco. Managed all business aspects, enabling them to shut down the office, saving at least $1600 a month, and reducing manpower. Managed multiple concurrent accountabilities without jeopardizing quality. Mentored and trained all IT professionals to create competent teams. Continuously sought out for advice on highly complex projects, serving as an expert in project development and execution, including consulting with clients. *** Reduced manpower; closing off West Coast operations via improves systems configuration and training. *** Instrumental in improvement of fast turn-around contracts, saving more than $250K/ year with a close down.

Applications Developer

Wrote a data maintenance program in Borland C++ Builder to replace macros originally written for Excel - which cannot handle more than 256 columns in a spreadsheet. Accounted for the improvement of processing speed, re-wrote a data production system using Borland C++ Builder and BDE. A 6x speed increase was achieved. Developed and maintenaned six different applications utilizing Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, BDE, ODBC, SQL, VBA, JBuilder, Access, Paradox and a little Oracle.
Jul 1994Jul 1994


Hill Price Davison
Project manager for the development of a document imaging system. From design to delivery we took just two weeks, and that included a simulated version for demonstration purposes. One week was used for bug-fixing before the project came to a close.
Jul 1988Jun 1994

Software Engineer

Bell & Howell
July 1988 - Sept 1989: Operations Staff - Worked on an IBM System 36. Responsible for operational technical support as needed by International Sales. Coded in RPG 3 and IBM JCL. In the manager's absence I was ISS team lead. New Product Introduction - Extensively involved all sales and support activity for a data storage system. This involved intensive communication with customers and considerable travel. Retained this role for six years. Sept 1989 - Sept 1990: Software Engineer - DOS development working on a networked microfilm system, and a new document imaging system. Picked up CNE certification from Novell. Sept 1990 - Oct 1992: Systems Engineer - Systems Support department, de facto manager in charge of the installation, training and support of data storage, microfilm and document imaging systems. Oct 1992 - June 1994: Software Engineer - Systems Development working on the development of an early Windows-based document imaging system, using SQL Windows.




University of Brighton